Salvador Negrette, alleged road rager: Car chase ended with beatdown, police say

According to a Denver Police report on view below, Salvador Negrette Jr. didn't just engage in one terrifying act of road rage.

No, he's been formally accused of taking part in three of them, prompting a dramatic scene with a frightening start, a frantic middle and a brutal ending.

At a little before three p.m. on June 8, according to the probable cause statement, three unidentified individuals (two of them 26 years old, the other age thirty) were traveling in a blue Taurus near East 51st Avenue and North Crown when they were drawn into what's described as a road rage incident involving Negrette, piloting a gray Jeep that also held a passenger.

No description of what precisely prompted the situation -- but as the Taurus motored alongside the Jeep, the victims say Negrette pulled a black handgun and leveled it at them.

In response, the driver of the Taurus quite logically fled in an attempt to get the hell out of the situation. Problem is, Negrette is said to have followed, precipitating a chase that ended when the Taurus crashed into a parked car some blocks away.

The violence didn't end there. The report maintains that Negrette disembarked from the Jeep, yanked one of the Taurus's occupants -- a woman -- from her car and punched her in the face, splitting her lip in the process. He's then accused of shoving her to the ground and kicking her with assistance from his companion, who's described in the report as a co-defendant but has apparently not been charged at this point.

And when the victim was finally able to stand up? Negrette allegedly socked her in the face again.

The Denver District Attorney's Office has acknowledged these reported actions by handing Negrette four counts of felony menaicing, plus charges for kidnapping and third-degree assault. His second advisement is slated for Denver County Court at 9:30 a.m. this morning, and given that he's still in custody at the Denver Detention Center, he won't have to drive there.

Which may be a good thing. Here's a larger look at Negrette's booking photo, followed by the probable cause statement.

Salvador Negrette Jr. Probable Cause Statement

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