See Bouncer Slug Troy Verbrugge in Bar Where Sammy Pickel Was Fatally Hurt

Yesterday, we told you about the death of Sammy Pickel, who passed away after an altercation with bouncers at Lodo's Bar & Grill in Westminster.

Pickel's girlfriend says Pickel was unfairly targeted, then placed in a chokehold that left him unconscious — and he never recovered. Police in Westminster are investigating the matter, but thus far, no arrests have been made.

Now, a video has surfaced of another bouncer-related incident at Lodo's.

The person on the other end of a bouncer's fist was Troy Verbrugge, whose Facebook page makes it clear how much he loved Lodo's.

Among the most frequent items on his timeline over the past couple of years are location posts referencing the watering hole.

One of them reads, "Yeah, I'm here again."

But as 9News reports, a trip to Lodo's in April 2015 didn't end happily.

Sean Olson, Verbrugge's attorney, tells the station that bouncers claimed his client was drunk and being overly aggressive with women — and when he charged security personnel, a responding bouncer had no choice but to put him down.

Based on these assertions, Verbrugge was charged with disorderly conduct.

At trial, however, Verbrugge was acquitted, likely because the surveillance footage demonstrated that he hadn't rushed at bouncers after all.

Instead, it appears that he was simply punched out.

A Lodo's spokesman says the bouncer in question was fired after the incident but otherwise declined comment — probably a good idea, since Olson is floating the possibility of a civil suit in the wake of Pickel's death.

Continue to see two 9News reports — the first about the Verbrugge matter, complete with the aforementioned security footage, the second highlighting scenes from a vigil held last night by Pickel's friends, family and loved ones.

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