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Semyon Varlamov's girlfriend: Avs goalie was laughing when he beat me

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Yesterday, we told you about the arrest of Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov on charges that he beat and stomped his girlfriend; see our previous coverage below. Now, we have much more information about the case, including an arrest report detailing the alleged brutality in chilling detail, comments from his Russian-model girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, who claims he laughed while he beat her (we've got video of her statements), and a photo of Varlamov, said to have been drunk during the incident, dressed for Halloween as The Simpsons character Duffman.

The affidavit blots out the name of Vavrinyuk, but she's publicly identified herself, sitting down with attorney Robert Abrams to speak with 7News. Among her comments, made through an interpreter: When fans shout Varlamov's name, "she wants to make sure they know his real face." She added that during the assault, "He was having a lot of fun. He was laughing."

The portrait painted by the arrest report certainly isn't pretty. On October 30, the document recaps a conversation between the investigator and Vavrinyuk in which she says Varlamov "assaulted her by kicking her in the chest, which knocked her down. While the victim was still on the floor, he then reportedly stomped on her chest with his foot. He then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the bedroom by her hair.

"While still holding the victim," the affidavit continues, Varlamov "pulled the victim's face to the floor and told her in Russian that if this were Russia, he would beat her more. He then grabbed the victim by her upper arms and shook and pushed her to the floor."

In another interview, conducted at her apartment at 1700 Bassett Street in Denver, Vavrinyuk, who was bruised on her left arm and upper left chest area, said Varlamov had been drinking.

This claim was particularly damaging given that earlier on October 30, before news of Varlamov's arrest broke, Yahoo! Sports ran a photo from his Instagram account showing him dressed for Halloween as Duffman, spokesman from the fictional beer Duff on The Simpsons. Here's the photo:

Meanwhile, Varlamov made his first appearance in court. Here's a look at him in a very different kind of uniform than the kind Avs fans are accustomed to seeing him wear: a yellow jail jumpsuit. The image is courtesy of CBS4, which broke the story of his arrest: Varlamov was released on a $5,000 bond and allowed to travel with the Avs to their next game, in Dallas tonight. And while many outside the sports world continue to debate whether allowing him to do so is proper, Avs legend Adam Foote, whose number is going to be retired during a ceremony at the Pepsi Center tomorrow night, backed the decision. During an interview with ESPN Radio in Denver, he said the best thing for Varlamov is to get back on the ice while the case progresses. Another bizarre twist: Igor Ananskikh, who heads the Russian Committee on Physical Culture, suggests that Varlamov's bust may be a conspiracy to prevent Russia from winning the gold medal in hockey during the upcoming winter games. The contests just happen to be taking place in Sochi, Russia, and Varlamov was considered by many observers to be a lock for the squad.

Ananskikh's comment: "I think this is a sports-political move, considering that Varlamov is an Olympic Team candidate. In my opinion, the main goal is to keep him away from training, from games, so that he would lose game shape and, God forbid, miss the Olympics."

A very different tone was struck in a comment Vavrinyuk reportedly posted on a Russian social media site using a now-deleted account. Her message reads: "If a man raised his hand, he will do it again. And none of his persuasion and promises should dissuade women. Leave these men, and don't feel sorry for them! Giving men a last chance means to sign yourself a conviction for a repeat."

Look below to see reports by 7News and CBS4 about the latest developments, followed by the complete arrest affidavit and our previous coverage.

Semyon Varlamov Arrest Affidavit

Continue for our previous coverage of Semyon Varlamov's arrest, including photos and video. The Colorado Avalanche has been a mediocre team in recent years, but since Patrick Roy took over as coach, the squad has been on a tear, with a 10-1 record to open the season.

But the latest news about the Avs is far less happy. Semyon Varlamov, a goalie who's helped Colorado get off to this blistering start, has been busted on suspicion of kidnapping and third-degree assault, allegedly against a girlfriend he threw to the floor and stomped. Photos, video and details below.

The news provider that's leading the pack on this story to date is CBS4. Its 10 p.m. piece about the incident isn't online at this writing. Instead, what's in place is an Associated Press story that appears over an advertisement for an Avs jersey. Here's a screen capture:

Fortunately, however, a viewer recorded the outlet's video report and uploaded it to YouTube. The complete item is below.

In the offering, the station shared two photos of the reported victim provided by her attorney, Robert Abrams. Here's the first....

...and here's the second: CBS4 didn't identify the woman, but Abrams calls her "Evie" in an interview segment featuring his description of what happened.

Varlamov is said to have spent Monday afternoon drinking to excess. Then, on Tuesday morning, the assault reportedly took place in the goalie's apartment, located in Denver's tony Glass House building.

What happened? "As the evidence was presented to me," Abrams told the broadcaster, "he threw her into the wall, she went to the floor, and he was stomping on her, and that's what caused the bruising and the damage in this area."

Abrams stressed the size differential between the two. He described Varlamov as six-foot two and more than 200 pounds, while his girlfriend is "five-foot three, 100-and-nothing pounds." She was reportedly hospitalized for her injuries, and Abrams is quoted as saying that because this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, the woman decided it was time to "go lock him up."

Varlamov surrendered to authorities at around 6 p.m. last night. In the meantime, the Avalanche released the following statement about his troubles:

The Colorado Avalanche organization is aware of the allegations concerning Semyon Varlamov. At this time, and until the conclusion of this investigation, the Avalanche organization will have no further comment on this situation.

Oh yeah: Back in 2000, when he was himself a Colorado Avalanche goalie, current coach Roy was himself arrested for domestic violence. The case against him was later dismissed.

Look below to see a larger version of Varlamov's mug shot, followed by two videos: the CBS4 report and a tribute to his efforts for the Avs in net.

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