Seven Most Eligible Young Professionals in Denver According to Hinge

Last November, we introduced you to Hinge, a new dating app, via its picks for Denver's best neighborhoods for dating and more.

Now, Hinge has come up with a list of the most eligible young professionals across the country.

In Denver, seven people made the cut. — five men and two women, including Sara Johnstone, seen above.

Below, see Hinge photos and profiles of the top seven, complete with rankings and links to the site.



Work: President and Managing Broker at Ecospace, a Denver based Commercial Real Estate Firm
Education: BA, University of Kansas; MBA, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Executive Education Program, Harvard Business School
Hometown: Anthony, KS
Current Hinge City: Denver
Influence: 123 friends on Hinge

Your most embarrassing date moment?
My first Tinder date, which was expectedly terrible. We grabbed a drink at a nice restaurant and I quickly learned that the girl hadn't been up before 8 am in years and basically hates life. I politely went to pay the tab after our first round of drinks, whereupon she loudly called me out on wanting to leave early and made a huge scene as we left.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
I started working at 14 and my work ethic never stopped. For close to 20 years, I've chosen to put my head down and to take small steady steps toward success, always learning and growing along the way. Today I have two successful companies that will allow me to have financial security for my future family, and will allow me to grow my philanthropic endeavors.



Work: Assistant Marketing Manager, Boulder Brands
Education: BA, University of Maryland
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Current Hinge City: Denver
Influence: 226 friends on Hinge

Your most embarrassing date moment?
When I was a vegan it was incredibly difficult to stealthily order a vegan meal while not alienating my non-vegan date. It turns out honesty is much easier than "I'll have the cobb salad, but hold the chicken, bacon, cheese, eggs and dressing, thanks!"... So I'll just have the lettuce.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
My college soccer career at the University of Maryland. In my four seasons we played in two ACC championships, made it to four NCAA championships, two sweet-sixteens, and were ranked as high as #2 in the country for division 1, and I was Captain of the team my senior season. Go Terps!



Work: Owner, HTSB Consulting, Owner; Strategic Partnerships, Boutique Homes
Education: BS, University of Southern California
Hometown: Denver, CO
Current Hinge City: Denver
Influence: 251 friends on Hinge

Your most embarrassing date moment?
Going on a date with someone I had already met from Tinder.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
Starting my own business. 

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