Shotgun Willie's offers corpse discount in wake of Weekend at Bernie's misadventure (PHOTOS)

Robert Young and Mark Rubinson face charges for allegedly reenacting Weekend at Bernie's with the body of Young's pal -- but at least they provided a punchline for Shotgun Willie's, which commemorated its part in the bizarre tale with the offer on the sign in the photo above.

As you'll recall, real-estate salesman Jeff Jarrett allowed former CSU classmate Young, 43, to crash at his place after learning his buddy was experiencing tough times. Then, on August 27, Young arrived at the home to find Jarrett unresponsive.

That would have been the perfect time to call 911, right? But instead, Young reportedly chose to pick up another pal, 25-year-old Rubinson, after which the pair returned to Jarrett's abode, loaded him in the back of Rubinson's car, and headed out for a night on the town.

First stop: Teddy T's bar and grill. Then Sam's No. 3, for breakfast. After that, they returned to Jarrett's house to drop off his body, which they're said to have left in the car during the first part of their journey. But they hung onto his bank card in order to finance subsequent fun at Viva Burrito and, yes, Shotgun Willie's, where they're accused of withdrawing $400 from an ATM and staying until closing time -- at which point they finally told a Glendale cop about a certain dead person.

Young and Rubinson have been charged with identity theft, criminal impersonation and abusing a corpse -- and more allegations could be coming if toxicology reports imply that Jarrett might have been saved had Young contacted emergency services in a timely manner.

Given that, is the Shotgun Willie's sign in bad taste? Presumably, Jarrett's family will have a different perspective on this question than will the rest of us -- the strip club's owners included. But if people start dragging corpses into the joint, the joke will be on them.

Look below to see mug shots of Rubinson and Young, as well as a CBS4 report about the incident.

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