Single ladies website says Denver's got tons of eligible bachelors

Good news, ladies. Denver is apparently crawling with eligible, employed bachelors, according to a recent analysis by SingleMindedWomen.com, a website "devoted exclusively to the needs of single women." Such as the need for single men, for instance.

The site notes Denver's comparatively low unemployment rate, diverse housing options, top sports teams and a nearly even ratio of men to women among the Mile High City's man-snagging perks. Not mentioned: the Denver Zoo's Singles Safari, the Denver Public Library's Overdue Love Club or the fact that Men's Journal just named Denver one of the 25 Best Places to Live, which may well prompt a massive man migration -- man-gration? -- to the Mile High City.

But where to find these husbands-to-be? In which of Denver's one hundred-fifty square miles do they reside? The answer, according to Lemondrop.com, is nowhere. Instead, the website suggests the prime specimens can be found at... a fancy cigar shop in Lone Tree?

That's right: A website whose "Hot Features" include "The Rise of 'Kitchenistas:' Women Who Keep Clothes in the Fridge" and "The Real Reasons Women Under 30 Aren't Having Sex" says the best place to meet a mate around here is at The Robusto Room in classy suburban Lone Tree, which may be true -- especially if you're looking for a guy who has his own VIP Cigar Locker.

But proceed with caution. Denver also has its share of bad boyfriends, such as the subject of this week's feature, "Operation Cock Block Tries to Protect Women's Hearts and Pocketbooks from This Crooked Casanova."

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