(Some) Broncos fans want Mike Nolan. (Some) Broncos fans are idiots

The unemployment line is a lot better dressed after the firing of Mike Nolan.

It is, it seems, that time of year again, when a beloved one's continued failure leads to panic among the masses, and that panic leads verbal diarrhea voluminous enough to sink the QM2. No, I'm not talking about the incoherence spewing Tommy gun-style from the mouths of McCain-Palin supporters. (Actually, I am. Jesus. You people scare me.) But also, mostly, I'm talking about Broncos fans who, not long after the team's wretched Monday-night loss, took to the team's message board to wax brainlessly about how to fix their beloved team.

The most popular suggestion? Fire defensive coordinator Bob Slowik! And replace him with recently whacked Niners coach Mike Nolan! Because what the Broncos' need now is less continuity and stability on defense!

Keep in mind, this wasn't just one mom's-basement-dwelling fan shooting off his mouth. This was a bunch of mom's-basement-dwelling fans, all of whom are apparently convinced that immediately replacing Slowik -– already like the 47th defensive coordinator in Denver since 2006 –- would somehow result in Calvin Lowry suddenly knowing how to tackle and Dre Bly suddenly being taller than five-eight. In fact, it would make the Broncos a Super Bowl contender!

Although I don't blame Slowik for this one, (players were awful) without a doubt we would be "much" better under Nolan.

We will not win a superbowl with Slowik, we can with Nolan.

No. No, they can't. No! They can't. At least, they can't with Nolan any more than they can with Slowik. Unless, that is, Nolan can teach them all to hit like this guy. -- Joe Tone

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Joe Tone
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