Southwest rant: Pilot not wild about the idea that old bags fly free (VIDEO)

In a recent post about Frontier Airlines' cost-saving agreement with pilots, I noted that my loyalty to Denver's hometown airline had diminished in the face of Southwest's bags-fly-free policy. Turns out, though, that one Southwest pilot isn't that fond of old bags -- especially if they work as flight attendants.

In the rant, which was mistakenly broadcast across an air-control frequency in March, the pilot can be heard bitching about the lack of "doable" crew members due to the overabundance of "homosexuals" and "grannies." The result is crude and stupid, yet oddly fascinating in the way the voice contrasts with the smooth, master-of-the-skies tone most captains use when talking to the public.

The pilot in question has now been suspended amid much hand-wringing from Southwest representatives. And no wonder, since the carrier's "We love you, Denver" spots are meant to target everyone -- not just those worth porking.

Check out the rant below, followed by a commercial showing Southwest's kinder, gentler side:

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