Spork the dachshund: Part of 2010's strange but true stories

Westword's annual Strange but True edition will hit news stands on December 30, featuring the weirdest and wackiest Colorado stories from 2010. Remember Jihad Jamie? How about the guy who re-labeled Gatorade bottles with pictures of Tiger Woods?

And then there was Spork:

A ten-year-old miniature dachshund named Spork caused an uproar in March after the dog bit a veterinary tech at a Lafayette animal hosptital, causing serious damage to her face and lips.

The dog's owner was cited for having a vicious dog despite a state law that exempts dogs that bite animal care workers, and the story went national, frustrating city officials in the Boulder County town.

A judge eventually allowed issued a deferred judgment for Spork, meaning he wouldn't have to be caged or euthanized as long as he didn't bit anyone else for six months.

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