Starz Denver Film Festival: Artistic director Brit Withey's must-see pick for Wednesday, Nov. 9

Again this year, Starz Denver Film Festival artistic director Brit Withey is offering his must-see picks for each day of the fest -- flicks that movie lovers might otherwise miss amid the flood of silver-screen goodies.

Below, he describes his choice for Wednesday, November 9: Puzzle.

Puzzle Directed by Natalia Smirnoff Wednesday, November 10, 9 p.m. Denver FilmCenter/Colfax

"Puzzle is one of the best films I saw earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival," Withey says. "And it's only screening one time at the festival this year. If you don't see it on Wednesday, you're going to miss it entirely. It's an absolute charmer from Argentina, and although I hate to put films in these kinds of categories, I think women, especially, will love it.

"The film is about a woman [Maria Onetto] who's in her late forties or early fifties -- and someone gets her a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. She puts it together and realizes she's really good at puzzles. Now, her life thus far has been as a housewife and mother: very domestic, very routine. But after buying more puzzles, she enters into puzzle tournaments, and for the first time, she begins to develop a life outside of the home. She meets more people, including this suave guy who dotes on her and becomes her partner -- and she begins to really have fun for what might be the first time in her life.

"It's the kind of film that will keep you smiling all the way through," he points out, "and will leave you feeling happy in the end."

Look below to see the trailer for Puzzle:

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