Stoner MacGyver review: Heady Glass vapor dome set and Ti Power nails

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Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games. We showcase them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver. The latest? Heady Glass vapor dome set and Ti Power nails.

What is it, dude? A vapor dome set from Heady Glass in Englewood, as well as two types of Ti Power titanium concentrate nails.

How much coin will it run me? About $60 for a clear dome, joint and glass nail, $64 for the 18 mm Einstein fixed nail, and $90 for the Drop Top adjustable.

Where can I get one? www.headyglass.com and at Heady Glass Galleries, 324 West Hampden Avenue in Englewood.

Like Legos for pot smokers, ground glass-on-glass joints have made it possible for people to expand their collection of pipes, bongs and bubblers with fancy, ash-catching mini-pipes, extravagantly blown functional glass art bowls and, most recently, hash-oil smoking devices. Recently, the folks at Heady Glass sent us over some of their latest oil smoking contraptions to play around with.

Overall, there's not much to review, because the pieces are so simple in nature. You need an element to heat up -- commonly called a nail -- and something to contain both the nail and help funnel the smoke. It's like an extremely fancy version of hot knives, for those old-schoolers out there. But the simplicity is what also makes the pieces so functional and useful.

As expected, the vapor dome set fit perfectly into every 14 mm joint that I had around the house. I opted for reviewing in the same oil rig we reviewed last year, as it was a perfect size. The opening in the top of the dome was perfectly sized to either stick a dabber down into or simply drop a chunk of wax or hash from above when using the titanium pieces.

Nails are pretty much the same as the domes. All of them function similarly, and there's little room for design changes with something so simple. But there are a few tweaks in the Power Ti nails that make them exceptionally functional -- especially compared to Power Ti's earlier, smaller-headed versions. The four metal fins on both the $64 Einstein and the $89 Drop Top 18 mm nails that keep the nail in place on the male joint are extremely thin, which provides a lot of air flow. Also, the skinny neck helps keep heat down at the joint.

Height-wise, the standard Einstein sat about three-quarters of the way up in my dome. It was a functional height to be able to simply drop crumbled wax or hash from my fingertips. The drop top is pretty much the same nail, but the threaded head makes it extremely useful if you have a collection of different glass domes for your oil pipe. It's also nice if you are like me and like to have the dish as high as possible in a dome. Power Ti also makes an even larger head for the 18 mm Drop Top. Its sidewalls are nearly twice as tall as the standard nail, for you extreme smokers out there.

The glass cup nail works just as well with BHO, but the lack of heat retention makes it harder to use for high grade water extractions. I found myself using the glass nail almost as much as the titanium, although I'm admittedly scared of it eventually breaking from heat stress and burning a hole in my desk.

I know that some people are still freaked out by smoking off of metal considering we as a cannabis community have pretty much moved on from the days of aluminum bowls and screens in our pipes. But the developers of these nails (and others) have argued that the medical-grade titanium can handle the heat without off-putting gasses.

As we noted back in our review of a vapor swing, you are heating up metal (or glass) to red-hot temperatures. Yes, it's fairly dangerous if you aren't careful or paying attention. Also, more titanium means power needed to heat it. A few weeks with the larger headed nails and I realized I was quickly running out of torch fuel.

And while they are counter-balanced well, the high head height of the standard Einstein and the extended Drop Top shake around easily with the glass dome pulled off. It makes you scared to pass it the first few times, but I eventually learned to trust that it would stay put.

The $60 price tag for the joint, dome and glass nail isn't a huge dent in the pocket for the ability to completely change the function of your existing glass pipe or bong and is relatively similar in pricing to dome sets found at other places online and around town. The nails are a pricey way to step your game up, for sure. But once you use a titanium nail, it's hard to not have it in your arsenal. And these Ti Power nails are built to last and are as good as it gets on the market.

Here's a video that should give you a better idea of how they work.

We can't guarantee all products sent in will be reviewed, but if you've got something you think is the greatest invention since sliced pot-bread, send us an e-mail at marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.