Super Shuttle drivers stage slow-drive protest -- before the Thanksgiving rush

As you head to Denver International Airport today, be considerate of your Super Shuttle driver. A drivers' union -- the Communication Workers of America -- is in an ongoing dispute with Super Shuttle, and will re-enter negotiations next week.

In the meantime, the drivers staged a rally at City Hall Monday to raise awareness of the wage dispute and their concerns. After drivers and CWA officials spoke about the issues, the drivers staged a "slow" drive through downtown and then back to the airport.

The union rejected the last offer by Super Shuttle, which would have cut wages by 30 percent and limited the number of hours drivers would be able to work.

Margaret Nathan, a spokeswoman for Super Shuttle, points out that only thirteen of the 100 or so drivers from Denver participated in the rally. She says that makes Super Shuttle wonder "who wants this more, the union or the drivers?"

But according to Lynea Hansen, who's working with the drivers, there were at least 25 vans at the rally. As for Super Shuttle officials, she adds, "They were most definitely not there."

When rejecting the last offer, the union also voted to strike if necessary -- which could definitely tangle holiday traffic. But first, the union and the company will re-enter negotiations next week.

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