Surreal World

Real World Denver cast: Stephen (clockwise from top left), Colie, Davis, Brooke, Tyrie, Jenn and Alex (center).

On Wednesday, all of Denver waited with bated breath as MTV aired the first-ever Real World episode set in our fair city -- actually, it was the first two episodes. And it wasn't just the first episode in Denver; these sixty minutes of reality-television glory and hell contained more Real World firsts than any season to date. Let's review:

� This is the first cast in which there are two black men.

� This is the first premiere episode with a three-cast-member kiss.

� This is the first premiere episode in which a cast member hooks up with more than one person.

� This is the first premiere episode in which more than one cast member hooks up with more than one person.

� This is also the first premiere episode in which a cast member has intercourse.

So we met the seven (apparently quite slutty) strangers whose names will be irrevocably associated with the Mile High City for years to come. You'll be happy to hear that Black Republican Stephen came to D-town's defense during a recent live discussion on the Washington Post website, during which one chatter asked, "Being a resident of D.C., did you find that MTV's choice of Denver for the next Real World destination was odd? I have to say that I'm disappointed they haven't chosen D.C. yet ... was Denver a good next choice?"

Stephen's well-thought-out reply: "Thank you for the question. Denver is an awesome city with a great nightlife and very attractive young people! What else could you ask for?"

Gee, thanks, Stephen.

You have to wonder, though, about a guy who was actually surprised that he would be living with a gay man on the Real World. In the premiere, Stephen gets in an altercation with Token Gay Davis and expresses shock that he is being exposed to such outre lifestyles. He says he's never watched the show before and didn't think it would take him THIS far outside his comfort zone.

Well, at least he had Tyrie ... he notes in the Post chat that "there are also two black guys so I didn't feel token at all! :-)"

Then there were the girls, so similar in a cookie-cutter way that it's difficult to remember which two of the three hooked up with Frat Boy Alex (it was Colie and Jenn, not Brooke), and which one of the two he ended up going all the way with (on the first night of the show... for shame!).

In fact, the only real candidate for the prude, aloof role thus far is Stephen.

But clearly, who will fill what Real World role remains to be seen. And the best is still ahead: observing these seven people working as Outward Bound instructors, and wondering if they actually gave the cast influence over teenagers; checking to see if their servers are notably pissed off by their notorious tipping, or lack thereof; watching the roommates work their magic, or failing to pick up, on the locals -- so we can see. -- Amber Taufen

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