Suzi Q. Smith, this week's cover poet, nominated for a Cultural Arts Leader award

In this week's cover story, "

Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am



followed local poet (and national award winner) Suzi Q. Smith on her journeys as a full-time artist. Smith's list of accolades is not a short one: She is currently ranked the number three female slam poet in the world, and her 2011 competitive schedule ended with her being named a finalist in the Individual World Poetry Slam and a semifinalist in the National Poetry Slam. This week, she earned new praise.

Smith has been nominated for a People's Choice Award as Colorado's Cultural Arts Leader.

More information on the title -- and the ballot behind it -- is accessible on its website; the voting closes tomorrow. The results will be announced this Saturday at the RISE! celebration of Black History Month. In the meantime, take a look at this week's feature for more about Smith and her mark on the Denver poetry community.

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