Swedish Hospital Site of Latest Officer-Involved Shooting: Suspect Injured

The shooting took place in one of Swedish Medical Center's parking lots.
The shooting took place in one of Swedish Medical Center's parking lots. File photo
Yesterday, we told you about an officer-involved shooting in the metro Denver area involving an armed man clad in body armor who was killed by Aurora police.

Just over 24 hours later, an officer with the Englewood Police Department shot a woman in a parking garage at Swedish Medical Center and arrested a second (male) suspect. At this writing, the injured woman's condition is unknown.

At around 8 a.m. this morning, according to Scot Allen, an EPD investigator and public-information officer, "Englewood police were dispatched to Swedish Hospital's south parking garage on a report of an occupied stolen vehicle. And there was an officer-involved shooting, with one suspect shot."

Allen notes that the suspect was "taken to an area hospital" — Swedish, presumably — "and I don't have an update on her condition. But a second suspect was taken into custody."

According to Allen, "there's no threat to the community at this time, and it's an active investigation. But the area has been shut down."

For how long? My wife was at Swedish for a doctor's appointment when the shooting took place. She asked an officer how long it would be before she could get her car, which was in the structure where the gunfire went off. His answer: "Hours." The hospital, however, is open.

Thus far in 2019, there's been an explosion of officer-involved shootings in Colorado — eight in seven days, 9News calculates. In addition to the aforementioned incidents in Aurora and Englewood, shootings have taken place in Pueblo on January 9, in Westminster on January 10, in Colorado Springs on January 12, in Fort Collins on the same day, in Pueblo County on January 13, and in Frisco on January 14.

No police officers were injured in these shootings, but three suspects have died and at least four others were injured.
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