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"Tebowing" is apparently a word, but what about these other Tebow terms?

On Monday, Global Language Monitor officially declared that "Tebowing" is now an acknowledged word in the English language. "The rapid rise of use of the word has seldom been equaled, mirroring, for example, the rate of adoption of the word 'Obamamania' in early 2008," the online organization said in a statement. "The first mention of the word can be traced to the dramatic overtime victory of the Denver Broncos football team over the Miami Dolphins on October 23, 2011. During the victory celebration, Tim Tebow 'took a knee' and was photographed in a moment of prayerful reflection."

While Tebowing may be the most oft-used word that the Denver Broncos quarterback has inspired, it's certainly not the only one. Westword is currently compiling a Tebow glossary dedicated to the man we can now call the Mile High Messiah. Here are a few examples:

• Anti-Tebite (noun): Fan or member of the media who simply can't stand Tim Tebow, either because of his religious beliefs, the media overkill or his Florida success. The name for these Tebow haters carries appropriately religious connotations.


Tim Tebow

• Teboner also Tebowner (noun): 1: An erection of the mind, body or spirit that encompasses all of the positive feelings a person has for Tim Tebow; all Gators fans have one at all times. 2: What Anti-Tebites who catch Tebow Fever get. In fact, the converts sometimes have bigger Teboners than Gators fans. The fourth quarter is their Viagra.

• The Second Coming (noun): If John Elway was Denver's savior, then it's only fitting that Tim Tebow would be the Second Coming, especially since Elway is now in charge of the team. And it's another religious metaphor (see The Chosen One).

• Tebow time (noun): The last five minutes of the fourth quarter of any football game, regardless of whether Tebow is actually playing or even involved.

Find the rest of our Tebow glossary: The 2011 Tebow glossary of Tebow terms.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.