Ten Best Denver Bars and Restaurants to Meet Older Women According to Yelp

Yelp has rankings for just about everything in Denver.

Including the best bars to meet older women.

The list, based, as is everything on the site, on user votes and commentary, is dominated by night spots, although one entry among the top ten is better known as an eatery.

Or at least better known to people who aren't hunting cougars.

Continue to count down the Yelp top ten, including links to the original items and the top recent review. The listings are illustrated with Westword photos that sport links of their own, to our full-service location pages.

Number 10: Prohibition
504 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Top recent review:

We decided to eat dinner here before it was on the food network. The server mentioned they were famous for the braised short rib sliders. They were awesome. I'm not a big rib fan, but these were so good. I highly recommend them.

I was here with 2 friends and we all ended up getting the pot pie. We were a little hesitant at first because the menu says they take 20+ minutes, but it was worth it. Not even sure if it took that long. This was seriously the best pot pie I've ever had.

The drinks are great here too. I had some sort of strawberry cocktail and Moscow mule.

Bottom line, if you're in the area you have to check this place out!

Number 9: Herb's Hideout
2057 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205

Top recent review:

Herb's is by far my favorite place to go to dance to some funk music! They have awesome bands that come play, and we always have fun when we go. It gets super busy and crowded on the weekends, but don't fret, there's a patio!

Number 8: Illegal Pete's
1530 16th St
Denver, CO 80202

Top recent review:

So good.

I'd read the great reviews for Illegal Pete's on Yelp and tucked them away as an idea for good food later.

The vibe definitely lived up to my expectation and the Pork Carnitas Nachos that I ordered exceeded them. Ingredients were soo fresh, prepared right in front of me and they piled them high on top of the bed of chips before covering them with glorious queso.

How often does it happen that you run out of chips before you run out of the "good stuff" while decimating an order of nachos late night? It happened to me at Illegal Pete's!

Number 7: Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret
1601 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO 80202

Top recent review:

We went to the off the clock show last night and had a blast! Naughty Pierre is a riot and he really made the show, in my opinion. The dancers are all fantastic and come in all shapes and sizes. Waitress was very attentive and polite as well. The only thing I would not recommend is the gourmet popcorn- it was not warm and the truffle oil was quite overpowering.

Number 6: Sancho's Broken Arrow
741 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Top recent review:

Sanchos is the jam! Dark and divey vibes with an okay draft list. Tons of Grateful Dead decor which is pretty freakin rad if you ask me. They have some games too, pool and fooz if you're into it.

Continue to keep counting down the ten best Denver bars and restaurants to meet older women according to Yelp.

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