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Ten Readers Share the Strangest Places They've Ever Had Sex

This morning, we re-shared an evergreen post featuring ten Colorado answers to the question, "What's the craziest place you've ever had sex?"

Our readers definitely warmed to the subject.

Plenty of them shared the locations of their most adventurous couplings — and they may inspire you to venture beyond the bedroom, too.

Here are the ten most memorable answers.

Doug Parrish writes:
Inside 1082 broadway behind the big mirror next to the entrance...

Oh and the ladies room of Village inn. Among many other womens restrooms at various Denver bars...
Asia Doucette writes:
I snuck my bf into the hotel that l where l was working. We hadn't fooled around in a while. It was a rush to see how turned on he was, knowing that we may get caught. Good times!
Tami Gibson writes:
A less than clean bathroom at a restaurant in Pueblo.
Jeanette Garcia-Grenoble writes:
In the back of a casino bus going down to Denver from Blackhawk — 'no pun intended.'
Lawrence Sena writes:
Inside an old elevator at the de Vargas hotel in 1985.
Brian Huppe writes:
Center stage at Red Rocks in the morning!!!
Robb Pierce writes:
In the Outback at Keystone.
Kim Hilton writes:
A church parking lot!
Brandon Cover writes:
Pepsi Center.
Gjeladin Dollci writes:
Behind the dumpster at apartments...a very secure place and nobody will notice you.
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