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Ten Thinnest Metro Areas in America — Including Two in Colorado

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In a January post, we noted that four Colorado cities were listed among the thirty most active in a survey from HealthGrove.

And while activity doesn't always translate to thinness, it apparently has in this case.

WalletHub recently set out to rank the fattest cities in America — but in the process, it also collected data on those at the opposite end of the scale.

Of the 100 metro areas analyzed, two in Colorado finished in the bottom ten.

Which, in this case, is a very good thing.

Continue to count down the photo-illustrated ten thinnest metro areas, complete with WalletHub data. That's followed by some specific facts and figures about Denver, plus the methodology, which explains how the rankings were determined. To see the original post, click here.

Number 1: Honolulu, HI

Total score: 46.16
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 97
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 100
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 85

Number 2: Reno, NV

Total score: 49.42
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 87
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 95
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 90

Number 3: Boise, ID

Total score: 50.93
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 91
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 75
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 93

Number 4: Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV

Total score: 51.02
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 74
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 80
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 98

Number 5: Sacramento-Roseville-Arden-Arcade, CA

Total score: 51.17
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 37
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 92
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 95

Continue to keep counting down the thinnest metro areas in America, including two in Colorado.

Number 6: Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH

Total score: 51.17
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 93
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 94
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 79

Number 7: San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA

Total score: 51.40
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 80
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 97
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 74

Number 8: Colorado Springs, CO

Total score: 51.91
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 94
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 93
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 73

Number 9: Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO

Total score: 51.95
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 84
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 96
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 68

Number 10: Tucson, AZ

Total score: 52.28
"Fat Prevalence" Rank: 86
"Weight-Related Health Problems" Rank: 53
"Healthy Environment" Rank: 96

Additional Denver-area data (50 = average):

55th – % of Overweight Adults
97th – % of Obese Adults
97th – % of Physically Inactive Adults
87th – % of Adults with High Cholesterol
85th – % of Adults Eating Fewer than 1 Serving of Fruits/Vegetables per Day
91st – % of Adults with Diabetes
89th – % of Adults with High Blood Pressure
95th – % of Overweight Children


In order to draw attention to the communities where weight-related problems must be contained, WalletHub’s analysts compared 100 of the most populated U.S. metro areas for which no data limitations existed across three key dimensions: 1) Fat Prevalence, 2) Weight-Related Health Problems and 3) Healthy Environment.

We first compiled 14 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weight for each metric. Each metric was given a value between 0 and 100, wherein 100 is the best value for that metric and 0 is the worst. Data for metrics marked with an asterisk (*) were available at the state level only.

We then calculated the overall score for each city using the weighted average across all metrics and ranked the cities accordingly.

Fat Prevalence – Total Points: 50

Percentage of Overweight Adults: Full Weight (~12.50 Points)
Percentage of Obese Adults: Full Weight (~12.50 Points)
Percentage of Overweight Teenagers: Half* Weight (~6.25 Points)
Note: “Teenagers” includes persons aged 14 to 18.
Percentage of Obese Teenagers: Half* Weight (~6.25 Points)
Note: “Teenagers” includes persons aged 14 to 18.
Percentage of Overweight Children: Half* Weight (~6.25 Points)
Note: “Children” includes persons aged 10 to 17.
Percentage of Obese Children: Half* Weight (~6.25 Points)
Note: “Children” includes persons aged 10 to 17.

Weight-Related Health Problems – Total Points: 30

Percentage of Physically Inactive Adults: Full Weight (~5.45 Points)
Percentage of Adults with High Cholesterol: Full Weight (~5.45 Points)
Percent of Adults Eating Fewer than One Serving of Fruits/Vegetables per Day: Full* Weight (~5.45 Points)
Percentage of Diabetic Adults: Full Weight (~5.45 Points)
Percent of Adults with High Blood Pressure: Full Weight (~5.45 Points)
Obesity-Related Death Rate: Half* Weight (~2.73 Points)

Healthy Environment - Total Points: 20

WalletHub “Active Lifestyle” Ranking: Quadruple Weight (~16.00 Points)
Access to Healthy Food: Full Weight (~4.00 Points)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.