That fireman who wants your drugs may not be a fireman

You've heard about goons who disguise themselves as police officers to make doing nasty business easier, right? Well, the men and women of the Westminster Fire Department are afraid someone with a taste for high-grade narcotics may try something similar while wearing stolen firefighters duds.

The WFD reports that two of its ambulances were recently ransacked at station houses -- and several similar break-ins have also taken place in neighboring jurisdictions. Drugs were grabbed in both Westminster crimes, but during the latest, the perpetrators also snatched uniforms.

Maybe they'll only use them for a costume party -- but if you live in the area and see a wild-eyed fireman running toward your house with an ax, make sure the place is on fire before you let him in. Get the rest of the details below:

Fire Station Narcotics Thefts Cause Alarm

February 23, 2010, Westminster, CO -- The Westminster Fire Department has experienced two narcotics thefts from their ambulances in the last month while crews were in the fire stations. "This most recent theft is causing additional concern," says Deputy Chief Bill Work, "because not only were the drugs taken but also a department issued apparel. Now we fear thieves may be impersonating fire personnel to aid in the thefts."

There was a break-in at Westminster Fire Station #6 at 999 W. 124th Ave on January 26. Narcotics were stolen from the locked cabinets of Ambulance #6, likely during the station break-in. This morning Westminster Fire Station #2 at 9150 Lowell Blvd. was broken into and the ambulance narcotics -- as well as fire apparel -- was taken. Westminster Police Department is actively investigating the burglaries. WFD is aware of at least four neighboring jurisdictions that have had similar station break-ins and thefts.

"We would like the public to call 9-1-1 if they see anything suspicious around their local fire station," adds Chief Work, "this is compromising the public safety services we provide and the perpetrators need to be stopped." If anyone has any details about the burglaries contact Detective Wright at 303-658-4231.

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