Best of Denver

The Best of Denver Winners from 1985

In 1985, Westword published its second Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best Cheeseburger at My Brother’s Bar to the Best Bronco (John Elway, now in his second year with the team), to another future landmark, the Best Addition to the Skyline (Herbert Bayer’s bright-yellow “Articulated Wall,” which still stands beside I-25). Many of the other winners are long gone, and the Best Drive-In, the Cinderella Twin, finally went dark just last month.

But other 1985 winners are still bright lights in this much bigger city, including Herman’s Hideaway, the Best Neighborhood Club. “In November, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary,” says Allan Roth. “Twenty-five years of Herman’s! I think the vision was really a place for me — I was an ex-booking agent, and I was going to put a club together that I was excited about, and it just came to be. It surprises the heck out of me that we’re still doing it. But I love it now more than I ever did.”


City Living

Best Tourist from Colorado – Mr. Latta goes to Washington

Best Reason Not to Be a Tourist in Colorado – Radio spot for the Colorado tourism says how welcome tourists are in Colorado, although you wouldn't want one to marry your sister

Best Addition to the Skyline – "Articulated Wall," Denver Design Center

Best Resurrection – Ghost Building

Best Prayer – Archbishop James V. Casey's prayer: "God, I hope I don't die on the golf course"

Best Louse – Gerald and Chris Coale and Larry McCarty win a $1.15 million settlement from Dow Chemical Company

Best Defense – Attorney Michael Miller successfully uses the cough drop defense

Best Divorce Settlement – The settlement for the divorce of Doug and Jacalyn Spedding

Best Revenge – Ex-husband of a lawyer sends out explicit pictures of his wife to friends, relatives, and business associates

Best Suspenders – Dr. Leslie Mason, Slater Elementary School Principal suspended 25 students for using filthy language on the playground

Best Political Make-Over – Governor hopeful Roy Romer gets new glasses, loses weight, and an updated wardrobe and hairstyle

Best Second Career By a Governor – Governor Lamm produces three books

Best Second Career by a Councilperson – Cathy Donahue's fancy pushcart entitled, "Donahue's Espresso"

Best Political Campaign Fund – Senator Bill Armstrong's attempt to pay back the excess $2 million in campaign funds to initial supporters (pay back was about 5 cents per every dollar donated)

Best Congressional Office – Pat Schroeder

Best Sign that Republicans are Now Veto Proof – Republicans begin measuring Democrat offices before moving in

Best House Resolution – House members defied federal bureaucrat demands that the word "Rocky" be removed from boxes of Rocky Mountain Oysters

Best Slogan – Eastern town of Ordway, hoping to be the new site of the state prison began referring to itself as "Big House on the Prairie"

Best Song – Jennifer Gavin's song for the town of Ordway, "Where There's an Ord, There's a Way" (sung to the tune of “My Way”)

Best Reason to Be Unreasonable – David Bath's explanation of why the deadly force bill is necessary, "Sometimes you blow away a dirt bag when you're acting reasonable"

Best Pena Appointment – Frank Jacobson

Best Use of Unused Land – Denver's garden program, allowing residents to share vacant lots for summer garden plots

Best Use of a City Department by the City Department – One hundred Denver Health and Hospital's employees are treated at Denver General after the department changed locations

Best Ordinance – Thornton passed an ordinance in which the use of artificial turf and plants for landscaping was prohibited

Best Charitable Act – City of Denver declared a parking ticket moratorium for the month of June

Best Charitable Act (runner up) – KBPI donates thousands of mugs to the Archdiocese of Denver

Best Anniversary – 13th anniversary of the Denver Boot

Best Observation about Pena – Diane Tegmeyer wrote in her story on Pena in United Magazine, "Trying to joke with the mayor on first meeting is a little like trying to pry open a tuna fish can with no opener"

Best Official Mascot – Boulder's Buddy

Best Unofficial Mascot – Aurora's giant killer beaver

Best Reason Aurora is Aurora – Aurora discovers the value in preserving its historical sites (anything built before 1945)

Best Bow-Tie – Dennis Champine, Aurora's mayor

Best Dueling Slogans – Chamber of Commerce's new slogans, "Denver — by a Mile"

Best Bumper Sticker – "Imagine a Great Cowtown"

Best Sticky Situation – Wednesday morning last winter a prankster seals locks on 16th street mall with super glue

Best Employee Bonus – Daniels & Assoc. sells some property in Alaska, and employees share in the profit

Best Imposter – Karen Muntzing posed as Gov. Jay Rockefeller's daughter and checked into the Park Suite

Best Example of Keeping Abreast of the Law – When Cynthia Foat took off her shirt in an attempt to hitch a ride faster, she was picked up by a Colorado Springs deputy

Best Reason to be American – Denver auto mechanic Jonathan Hutchinson is harassed because he rides a Japanese motorcycle

Best Diet Request – Littleton inmate Johnnie Golden claimed that she was wasting away because she couldn't eat prison food. At five-foot-two, she is down from 281 to 247 pounds.

Best Persistence in the Face of Adversity – Randy Fritz persists in making obscene phone calls, and authorities are checking calls that were made from the state prison

Best Wrong Number – Joe and Sherry Frandrich of Powderhorn have their phone bill dropped from $47,597 to $6,328

Best Mountain Bell Decision – Mountain Bell agreed to adjust phone bills of families with small children who dialed 1-976 numbers

Best Person to Call When You Want to Put a Cork in It – Doug Woodsum, graduate teaching assistant at the University of Denver is a cork collector

Best Dead Giveaway – The fumes from Dolores Rumer’s suitcase knocks an airline employee unconscious, as it contained 2 one gallon bottles of chemicals that are used in making speed

Best New Names in 1983 as Found by the Colorado Department of Health – Boys: Dagobert, Peiter, Wally, Buster, Encarnac, Jearl, Kitteridge, Sky, and Zade. Girls: Dakotah, Jazz, Wynter, Cheila, Greer, Abeer, Aspin, Merix, Quartney, Starlene, Vail, Xrystal, and Zadecka

Best Dog Story – Daniel Recht has problems with another public defender's Doberman, and is forced to hop by the animal in a sleeping bag

Best Dog Story (Runner Up) – Denver's Animal Control Division decides to set its dogs loose as guards during the night Best Nugget – Calvin Natt

Best Nugget (Off the Court) – Alex English

Best Bronco – John Elway

Best Coach – Doug Moe

Best Athlete – Connie Carpenter

Best Radio Sports Talk Show Host – Mike Haffner, KNUS

Best sports team owner – Patrick Bowlen, Broncos

Best "You Can't Push Me Around" Performance – Danny Schayes

Best Sports Bargain – Mike Evans

Best Retiring Athlete – (Tie) Bob Swenson, Broncos; Dan Issel, Nuggets

Best Sports Writer – Dan Kreiger

Best Game – Nuggets v. Lakers

Best College Team – Metro State College Basketball

Best Finish to the Bolder Boulder – Dennis Leck crosses the finish line, took a swig of Max, and proceeds to throw up.

Best Gift to Media Personality – Judge Larry Lopez presented talk-show host Peter Boyles with a copy of The Oxbow Incident, before being fired by Mayor Pena

Best Fast Disappearance – Tim Ross, KMGH reporter who didn't help ratings, was sent back to native land of Texas

Best Use of a Microphone – Channel 7's Cynthia Hessin whacks an overly excited St. Patrick's Day celebrant with her microphone during a live report

Best Use of a Euphemism – Rocky Mountain News reporter Kevin Flynn described the atmosphere in the car with the hit squad planning to ambush Alan Berg by stating that one of the members suffered "great gastrointestinal distress"

Best TV Blooper – Channel 4 newscaster Marty Aaron blatantly describes Rocky Mountain Oysters as "Bulls Balls"

Best Color-Blind TV Blooper – Channel 7 weatherwoman Cheryl Jones asked her anchor if he would be getting a tan (the anchor man is black)

Best Case of Media Overkill – The Post in trying to be a step ahead of the news placed a story concerning the recently dead Helen Black on the front page of the "Living and Arts" section. Unfortunately it was the wrong Helen Black.

Best Correction – The Post's follow up to Helen Black's heart attack

Best Bad Writer (Not on a Newspaper) – Boulder's Craig Nagoshi wins the 4th annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest at San Jose State University (although it was an award for the worst writing)

Best Columnist – Rocky Mountain News Managing editor, Al Knight

Best Fred Flinstone – Rocky Mountain News columnist John Coit in a water-Buffalo hat

Best Barney Rubble Imitation – Woodrow Paige Jr.

Best Radio Talk Show Host – KOA's Gary Tessler

Best Anchor – Channel 7's Bertha Lynn

Best Newscast – Channel 9, 6 a.m.

Best Flak-Catcher – Father C.B. Woodrich

Best TV Furniture Salesperson – Gary Levine

Best Free Ad for the Airlines – One look at the wreck on the train tracks behind the Terminal Annex Post office

Best Reason to Build a New Convention Center – To open the Platte Valley

Best Reason Not to Build a New Convention Center – It may not work

Best Reason to Build a New Airport – To catch a flight out of Stapleton at 8 a.m.

Best Reason Not to Build a New Airport – Trying to meet a flight at Stapleton at 6 p.m.

Best Solution to Mammoth Gardens – Take the building back to the original roller rink

Best Solution to the Bredan Creamery – Make a club – and do it right this time

Best Reason to Live in Denver According to a Reader – "How could anyone possibly want to live anywhere else?"


Best Reason to Go Downtown – Because it's there

Best Bus Route – #15, all night Colfax

Best Speed Trap – East Exposition

Best Synchronized Lights – 14th Ave.

Best cruising strip – West 38th Ave.

Best Sunday Drive – Evergreen/ Mount Evans/Idaho Springs

Best Graffiti – Lynne Ida Gallery

Best Neon – Lakeside Amusement Park

Best Place to Watch the Aspens Turn – Redstone, Colorado

Best Place to Watch Fireworks – Outside Mile High Stadium

Best Place to People Watch – The Mall Exchange

Best Place to Eavesdrop (Power & Politics) – The Eggshell

Best Place to Eavesdrop (Gossip) – Goodfriends

Best Place to Make Out (Indoors) – Cinderella City Mall

Best Place to Make Out (Outdoors) – Flagstaff Mountain

Best Place for a Nooner – Time-out Tubbery

Best Mall – Crossroads

Best Rodeo – Grover, Colorado

Best Gym (Workouts) – 20th street gym

Best Gym (Pick-ups) – Raquetworld at Inverness

Best Place to Run – City Park

Best Place to Walk – 23rd Ave., City Park to Downtown

Best Bike Path – Platte River Greenway

Best Ski Run – Berthoud

Best Cross Country Trail – Boreas Pass, Breckenridge

Best Ski Deal – The Gart Brothers Bus

Best Swimming Pool (Urban) – Congress Park

Best Swimming Pool (Suburban) – Eldorado Springs

Best Hot Springs – Mt. Princeton

Best In-town Bass Fishing – Crown Hill

Best Tennis Courts – Gates Tennis Center

Best Bowling Lanes – Sloan's Lake Bowl

Best Archery Course – Hinze Archery

Best Shuffleboard Table – Gadgets

Best Dart Board – The Dart Board

Best Golf Course – Arrowhead

Best Miniature Golf Course – Putter's Paradise

Best Rec Center – Englewood Recreation Center

Best Place to Fly a Kite – Ruby Hill

Best Softball Field – Lawson Field

Best Crisis Line – Denver General Hospital Drug Information Center

Best Way to Settle an Argument – The Center for Dispute Resolution

Best Booth at the People's Fair – Depression and Suicides Anonymous

Best Place to Buy Stun Guns – The Gun Room


Best Free Entertainment – Pearl Street Mall, Boulder

Best Entertainment Under $1 – Celebrity Sports Center

Best Place to Spend Money and Have Nothing to Show for It – Lakeside Amusement Park

Best All-night Entertainment – White Spot

Best New Entertainers – Lil' John's Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team

Best Place to Take the Kids – Children's Museum

Best Ride at Elitch's – Mr. Twister

Best All Ages Show – The Grove

Best Juke Box – Blue Bonnet Cafe and Lounge

Best Movie Theatre (Revival/Art) – The Denver Center Cinema, The DCPA

Best Movie Theatre (First Run) – The Cooper

Best Movie Theatre Snack Bar – The Landmark Chain

Best Drive-in – Cinderella Twin Drive-In Theatre

Best Performance Art – The Mudmen

Best Performance Art Space – The Art Dept.

Best Art Gallery – Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis

Best Deal at the Channel 6 Auction – A run with Federico Pena

Best Annual Festival – Capitol Hill People's Fair

Best Happy Hour – Thrills

Best After Hours Spot – Muddy Waters of the Platte Coffeehouse

Best Piano Bar – Colorado Mine Company

Best Biker Bar – Berkley Inn

Best Sports Bar – Brooklyns

Best Yuppie Bar – The Peacock Tavern & Terrace Room

Best Singles Bar – Denver Denver

Best Gay Bar – The Fox Hole

Best Lesbian Bar – Lipps

Best Mountain Bar – The Bucksnort Saloon, Pine

Best Neighborhood Bar – Portulaca Cafe

Best C&W Club – Ollie's Roundup

Best Mountain Club – The Little Bear

Best Disco Dance Club – Tracks

Best Nightclub – The Blue Note

Best Neighborhood Club – Herman's Hideaway

Best Blues Bar – Straight Johnson's

Best Jazz Club – El Chapuletepec

Best Club Ambiance – Union Station

Best Wok-and-Roll Club – Bamboo Gardens

Best Concert Venue – The Rainbow Music Hall

Best Non-traditional Concert Venue – One Stop Recycling

Best TV Rock – The Rick Rock Show, Mile Hi Cablevision

Best Morning Team – Steven B. & the Hawk, KPKE, 96 FM

Best DJ – John Hayes, KTCL, 93 FM

Best Punk – Tom Headbanger

Best Rock Band – The Bruce Odland Big Band

Best Rock and Roll Band – Bop Street

Best Blues Band – Chris Daniels & The Rhythm & Blues Kings

Best Jazz Band – Billy Tolles

Best C&W Band – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Best Bluegrass Band – Hot Rize

Best Folkies – Mother Folkers

Best Local Singer – Linda Maich

Best Dance Band – Freddi Henchi

Best Punk/Underground Band – Acid Rain

Best Packaging of a Local Band – Alarming Trends

Best Rise from the Gutter – Mike Savage

Best Act of Forgiveness – Feyline booking Black Flag


Best Cheap Haircut – Joe's Hair Affair

Best Beauty Shop Gossip – Federic B & Co.

Best Bikini Wax – Erica at Ilse Skin Technique

Best Manicure – Lyuba Lerman, Mr. Wayne's at Happy Canyon

Best Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Charles German

Best Surgical Fad – Radial Keratotomy

Best Free Service – The Road Angel

Best DUI Program – Cimarron Counseling Center

Best Condo Sale – Park Towers Auction

Best Tap Dancing Class – Gwen Bowen School of Dance

Best Rock Climbing Lessons – Eastern Mountain Sports

Best Place to Learn Spanish – Foreign Language Institute

Best Cemetery Smokescreen – Chapel Hill

Best Souvenir Shop – Colorado Souvenirs

Best Stained Glass Supplies – Artistries in Glass

Best Prospecting Shop – The Prospector’s Cache

Best Quilting Supplies – The Quilter's Fair

Best Checking Account Deal – Midland/Western Federal Savings

Best Lampshade Selection – Mark 'n Jana's Inc.

Best Occult Connection – Isis

Best Pen Store – The Fine Point

Best Pet Supplies – Barton's South Side Feed

Best Pet Store – Pet City

Best Place to Have a Baby – Rose Medical Center

Best Toy Store – Kazoo & Co.

Best Pre-School – Montessori School of Denver

Best Denver School District – Bromwell

Best School District – Jefferson County

Best Computer Store – Compushop

Best Librarian – John Fascilla, Auraria Higher Education Center

Best Library – The Western History Department at The Denver Public Library

Best Post Office – The Terminal Annex, 16th and Wynkoop

Best Dry Cleaner – Orlin's

Best Laundromat – Speed Queen

Best Custom Made Clothing – Arnold Kaupe

Best Shoe Repair – Holland Shoe Repair

Best Plumber – Pearl Plumbing and Heating Co.

Best Camera Repair – Lindahl Photo

Best Clock Repair – Old Father Time, Lyons

Best Furniture Recaning – Arthritis Craft Shop

Best Landscaping/Plant Store – Wilmore Nurseries

Best Inexpensive Flowers – King Soopers

Best Exotic Flowers – Rayburn Davis Custom Floral

Best Flower Vendor – Colfax & Colorado

Best Hardware Store – McGuckins Hardware

Best Window Display – Trifles

Best Interior Display – Ylang Ylang

Best New Store – Ann Taylor, Larimer Square

Best Rummage Sale – St. John's Bazaar

Best Cheap Scare – Value Village

Best Used Jeans – Value Village

Best Thrift Store – Bargain Corner of National Council of Jewish Women

Best Collectibles – Blinky's Collectibles

Best Antique Store (At Thrift Store Prices) – Collector's Choice

Best Auction – Gus' Pacific, Longmont

Best Disposable Clothing Store – Fashion Disaster

Best Rhinestones – Roots

Best Discount Clothing Store – Marshall's

Best Clothing Sales – Joslin's, Buckingham Square

Best Neighborhood Service Station – Giek Brothers

Best 24-Hour Gas Station – Swede's Place #3

Best Videotape Rentals (VHS) – Screenplay

Best Videotape Rentals (Beta)- Sound Warehouse

Best Used Records – Albums on the Hill

Best Classical Record Selection – Sound Warehouse

Best Underground Record Store – Wax Trax

Best Guitar Shop – Cadillac Guitars

Best Sheet Music – John Dillon Music

Best Recording Studio (Low End) – Hands on Recording Studio

Best Recording Studio (High End) – Avalanche Studios

Best Used Book Store – The Bookseller

Best Art Books – City Spirit Books

Best Mystery Book Selection – Rue Morgue Books

Best Newsstand – Eads News & Smoke

Best Free Food While Shopping – King Soopers, Safeway and Albertson’s at the corner of 88th and Wadsworth

Best Chocolates – Oliver Livingston's, Tabor Center

Best Candy Selection – Woolworth's

Best Bakery – Mama Pirogi's

Best Cheese Store – Cheese Company

Best Italian Market – Mancinelli's Italian Market

Best Greek Market – Economy Greek Market & Deli

Best Mexican Market – The Chile Store

Best Oriental Market – Pacific Mercantile

Best Seafood Market – Mostly Seafood

Best Butcher Shop – Oliver's Meat Market

Best Honey-Baked Ham – Honey-Baked Ham

Best Homemade Italian Sausage – Amadeo's

Best Fruit and Vegetable Stand – Amato's

Best Vegetable Vendor – Tom Figliolino

Best Natural Foods Store – Alfalfa's

Best Place for the Single Shopper – FBC Foods International

Best Supermarket – Safeway, E. Hampden and Happy Canyon

Best Liquor Store (Selection) – Universal Liquors

Best Liquor Store (Price) – Buyer's Club


Best Breakfast – Fatz City

Best Brunch – Kate's at 35th Ave.

Best Brunch Buffet – Moulin Rouge at the Fairmont

Best Mountain Breakfast – Mark Singer's, Kitteridge

Best Cheap Lunch – Duffy's Shamrock

Best Lunch Counter – Union Station

Best Sidewalk Food – Burrito Terrace #1

Best Secret Lunch Spot – The Writs

Best Power Lunch – The Metropolitan Club

Best After-Theatre Dinner – Trinity Grill

Best Place to Eat Sunday Night – Racine's

Best All Night Restaurant – McGuire's at the Fairmont

Best All-You-Can-Eat – Azar's Big Boy Breakfast Buffet

Best Fast Food Chain – Taco Bueno

Best Greasy Spoon – The Aristocrat

Best Outdoor Cafe – The Warm Weather Cafe

Best Food Court – Republic Plaza

Best Booth in the Tabor Center – China Express

Best Diner – Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner

Best Diner Shaped Like a Hot Dog – Coney Island, Aspen Park

Best Drive-in – Grandpa's Burger Haven #1

Best Use of an Old Drive-in – Upper Larimer Cafe

Best Restaurant with a View (City) – The Chrysler

Best Restaurant with a View (Mountains) – Sundance, Nederland

Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners – El Rancho Colorado, El Rancho

Best Restaurant to Take the Kids To – Showbiz Pizza

Best Romantic Dinner – Fawnbrook Inn, Allenspark

Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying – Dudley's

Best Entrance to a Restaurant – Mountain Man Steakhouse

Best Grotto in a Restaurant – Pagliacci's

Best Deli – Goldie's

Best Cream Cheese – Jacob's Bagelry

Best Pizza Delivery – Pizza Heaven

Best Pizza by the Slice – Cozzoli's

Best Deep-Dish Pizza – Cappuccino's Italian Ristorante & Cafe

Best Pizza – Paisan's Pizzeria

Best Hamburger – Tom's Tavern

Best Cheeseburger – My Brother's Bar

Best Hot Dog – G.D. Ritzy's

Best Pork Tenderloin – Bronco Burgers

Best French Fries – Acappela's

Best Barbecue – M&D's BBQ & Fish Palace

Best Chicken Wings to Go – Woody's Wings n' Things

Best Chicken Wings – Pearl Street Grill

Best Steak – The Buckhorn Exchange

Best Buffalo – The Buckhorn Exchange

Best Rocky Mountain Oysters – Zang Brewing Co.

Best Rocky Mountain Trout – The Brown Palace

Best Catfish – Off Larimer St Cafe

Best Seafood – Mostly Seafood

Best Cajun – Foucher's Creole Cafe

Best Crayfish Pie – Governors's Court

Best Soul Food – Pierre's Supper Club

Best Omelet – Faces

Best Pancakes – Le Peep

Best Salad – Zach's

Best Potato Salad – King Sooper's

Best Coleslaw – Sid's Fine Foods

Best Salad Bar – Cherry Creek Safeway

Best Before-Ordering Freebie – Fratelli's Pizza Parlor

Best Surprise Side-Dish – Emil-Lene's

Best Sinful Indulgence – Whirl-a-Whip

Best Piece of Pie – Wheatridge Dairy

Best Cinnamon Rolls – Mary & Lou's

Best Brownie – Mr. Donut

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie – Batter Brilliance

Best Donuts – Dutch Boy Donuts

Best Cheesecakes – Cheesecakes & More

Best Ice Cream – Lickity Split

Best Ice Cream Flavor – Snickers at Joe's Ice Cream Kitchen

Best Milk-Shake – Dolly Madison

Best Malted – Muddy Waters on The Platte

Best Cup of Coffee – Cafe Ronchetti

Best Free Cup of Coffee – FBC International

Best Bloody Mary – Trinity Grille

Best Martini – Don's Mixed Drinks

Best Wine List – Chateau Pyrenees

Best Beer Selection – Ichabod's

Best Beer on Tap – Pearl Street Grille

Best Surprisingly Healthy Menu – New York Connection

Best Italian (Low End) – Three Sons

Best Italian (High End) – Ristorante Boccalino

Best French (Low End) – The Quorum

Best French (High End) – The Normandy

Best German – Heidelberg

Best Swiss – Dario's

Best Hungarian – Csardas Hungarian Restaurant

Best Greek – It's Greek To Me

Best Middle Eastern – Jerusalem Restaurant

Best Indian – The Tandoor

Best Vietnamese (Low End) – New Saigon

Best Vietnamese (High End) – Chez Thoa

Best Thai – Chao-Praya

Best Japanese – Kyoto

Best Sushi – Pelican Pete's

Best Chinese (Low End) – Red Coral

Best Chinese (High End) – Imperial

Best Wontons – Twin Dragon

Best Spring Rolls – The Happiness Inn

Best Cold Noodles – Ming's Dynasty

Best Peking Duck – Yen King

Best Dim Sum – House of Hunan

Best Margarita – El Madero's

Best Salsa – MG Cafe

Best Chips – Blue Bonnet

Best Nachos – The Rivera

Best Guacamole – La Casa de Manuel

Best Tortillas – La Casa de Manuel

Best Green Chile – Blue Bonnet, 457 S. Broadway

Best Menudo – El Conquistador

Best Huevos Ranchero – The Family Restaurant

Best Tacos – Mexico City

Best Tamale – Betty's Take-Out

Best Burrito – Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe

Best Choriso Burrito – Tortilla Flat

Best Chile Relleno – Tortilla Flat

Best Enchilada – Mama Elena's

Best Sopapilla – Taqueria Patzquaro

Best Taquitos Al Carbon – Las Delicias

Best Mole – Las Delicias

Best New Mexican Dish – Fajitas

Best Spanish/Mexican – Don Quijote

Best Bar Mexican – Oak Alley Inn

Best Mexican (Overall) – El Tepehaun


Top Of The Rockies

Buddy's Chicken Fried Steak

Down Home Fish Market


The Boulevard Center Sign

Happy Hills Barber Shop

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