The Book of Mormon free tickets? Kind of....

Hometown heroes Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who created a musical about a cannibal when they were University of Colorado film students, have an even more unlikely hit on their hands with The Book of Mormon. The boffo Broadway musical will start its tour here in August -- and tickets sold out fast Sunday. But Sonja Leonard Leonard has a deal for you:

The redundantly named realtor (she married a distant cousin) knows how to create a deal that sings: "Two free tickets to The Book of Mormon!!" reads the subject line of an e-mail touting an open-house lunch today. "All you have to is come to the open house and guess the final sales price of these homes...."

The three featured homes, all in the Cheesman Park neighborhood (or close enough), are currently listed for $1,300,000, $750,000 and $599,000 -- about what tickets to The Book of Mormon are now going for on StubHub.

Want to know more? Reach Leonard here. And maybe Stone and Parker can write a musical about a realtor next. If they can make hits of cannibals and Mormon missionaries, just think what they could do with listing agents.

More from our News archive: "The South Park Anniversary: The First Trey Parker-Matt Stone Interview."

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