The Boys and Girls of Summer Live On

Team Rarebird was depressed. Sitting around crying in their beers about yet another season of the Denver Kickball Coalition gone and the inexorable march toward death weighing heavily on their rolled-up pants and sideburns, they had an epiphany:

The Denver Volleyball Coalition.

The Commish would be proud.

So here's the scoop: Starting August 26, there will be eight weeks (plus playoffs) of outdoor bumpin' and spikin' to satiate the social and athletic loss that kickballers have heretofore dealt with by crying softly into their unwashed jerseys during the fall and winter months. They've got five teams so far and and are looking for three to five more for a total of, yes mathlete, eight to ten teams. Officially, says Westword Drunk and DVBC principle Drew Bixby, the cut-off date for team registration is Monday the 20th, but Bixby says, "Like all these things, people will sign up late and we'll be happy to have them."

And for those of you too burnt out from sixteen weeks of kickball or too committed to the Broncos to dedicate yourself to a team, the DVBC is thinking about, but has yet to formalize, a walk-on team to be slated in the regular schedule.

Get all the dirty details and contact Bixby and the other organizers at their Myspace page if you're interested.

-- Sean Cronin

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Sean Cronin