The Colorado Rockies Lead the League -- in Sucking

During the first several years following their April 1993 debut, the Colorado Rockies were the envy of Major League Baseball thanks to the incredible fan support they enjoyed. But less than a decade and a half later, the team has pissed away every last drop of that good will. The squad's May 20 loss to the pathetic Kansas City Royals in the rubber match of a three-game series (which took place at home, for Christ's sake) was only the latest embarrassment for an organization that is among the worst in professional sports. As a result, most people who once considered themselves to be Rockies boosters have long since given up on manager Clint Hurdle (pictured) and the underachievers in his care. On May 21, for instance, Sandy Clough and Marc Moser spent much of the morning show they host on AM-950/The Fan debating what MLB franchise they should start following, since the Rockies are clearly not worth their time.

Of course, a few diehards still care about the Rockies -- but most of them express their passion through complaints, not praise. Exhibit A is, a website that urges current Rockies owners Charlie and Dick Monfort to peddle these losers to someone willing to invest the money and smarts needed to turn things around. In the meantime, the site's author continues to comment on the disaster that is Colorado Rockies baseball circa 2007. About the Royals series, he writes, "When is enough enough? That is the first time those words have been written on this page. But unfortunately I don’t think that will be the last."

Call it fan support in reverse. -- Michael Roberts

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