The Hottest Housing Markets in Colorado

We recently wrote about Denver's hottest housing markets and why so many properties are selling for above list price.

But the heat isn't limited to real estate in the metro area.

In fact, a slew of markets in Colorado are among the most scorching in the entire country.

The source for this info is Homes.com, whose most recent report, covering the month of April, shares statistics for the top 300 housing markets in the country, including seven in Colorado.

Below, we've ranked the Colorado markets, all of which are up — and up substantially — on the basis if their increase from the same month in 2014.

That's followed by a graphic that the top markets for year-to-year increases across the country for both large and mid-size markets, with a Colorado community at number one in the former and three others turning up in the latter. The same graphic also ranks the top ten markets for the past three months, with representation by two large Colorado cities and another couple of mid-size ones (including the peak performer).

It's hot stuff.

Check out the photo-illustrated roster below, featuring a slew of Home.com info — and for data on the 300 top markets, click here.

Number 7: Colorado Springs
Year to year increase: 4.77 percent

Number 6: Pueblo
Year to year increase: 6.1 percent

Number 5: Boulder
Year to year increase: 6.31 percent

Number 4: Fort Collins
Year to year increase: 6.47 percent

Number 3: Greeley
Year to year increase: 6.67 percent

Number 2: Grand Junction
Year to year increase: 7.19 percent

Number 1: Denver
Year to year increase: 7.3 percent

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.