The Little Font that Could

I may not know much about typefaces -- I got a C in design class -- but I do know that Helvetica, one of the planet's most popular fonts, celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

I could tell you all about the history of Helvetica and how it came to grace transit signs and commercial goods, but instead, you should go tonight to the Mayan at 110 Broadway for a screening of the aptly titled Helvetica. The film follows the typeface through its birth and initial popularity, its decline in the '70s and '80s due to its uber-simplicity, and its recent rise -- again -- to fame. Helvetica also examines the creative process, choices and aesthetics behind typeface selection.

Helvetica screens at 7 and 9 p.m. as part of a special program presented by Colorado's AIGA chapter (American Institute of Graphic Artists) and will be hosted by director Gary Hustwit and several graphic designers who appeared in the film. Tickets are $15, $12 for AIGA members; purchase yours in advance at http://www.helveticafilm.com/denver.html, or at the door. -- Amber Taufen

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