The nuts and bolts of five handy vending machines

Aside from the beer-vending machine in the Westword newsroom, this License Plates Nuts & Bolts machine in the state motor vehicle division office at 2736 Welton Street may be the coolest dispensary I've seen around town. For $1 buck, you can avoid the aggravation of the hardware store or wherever else you need to go to get those missing nuts and bolts to hold on your new plates. And it made me think of five other vending machines that would come in handy in certain situations around town:

1. Diaper-vending machines in the DIA security line. 2. TUMS-vending machines at Chubby's. 3. Book-vending machines in Jury Duty waiting rooms at local courthouses. 4. Deoderant vending machines at the People's Fair. 5. Sober driver vending machines at let-out in LoDo.

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