The Ten Denver Neighborhoods With the Biggest Increases in Violent Crime

Last month, we reported that crime in Denver was up in seven of nine categories based on Denver Police Department stats, with an increase of 72.4 percent in homicides.

Now, 9News has broken down more DPD numbers and discovered that crime rose in every Denver neighborhood during 2015.

The stats separate offenses into violent crime and property crime. For this post, we're looking at the former — and, specifically, the ten neighborhoods where violent crime increased the most during the past year.

Of course, changes can be dramatic in smaller neighborhoods, where only a few violent crimes can cause enormous data shifts. But the figures are still disturbing. Note that for the number-one neighborhood on this list, violent crime quintupled in 2015.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring Denver Police Department stats.

Number 10: Rosedale

Violent crime increase: 85.7 percent +

Number 9: Hale

Violent crime increase: 92.9 percent +

Number 6 (tie): Cherry Creek

Violent crime increase: 100 percent +

Number 6 (tie): Cory-Merrill

Violent crime increase: 100 percent +

Number 6 (tie): Hilltop

Violent crime increase: 100 percent +

Continue to keep counting down the ten Denver neighborhoods where violent crime went up the most in 2015.

Number 5: Fort Logan

Violent crime increase: 140 percent +

Number 4: Clayton

Violent crime increase: 147 percent +

Number 3: Skyland

Violent crime increase: 200 percent +

Number 2: Indian Creek

Violent crime increase: 400 percent +

Number 1: Country Club

Violent crime increase: 500 percent +

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.