Built to Spill.
Built to Spill.
Photo by Autumn DeWilde

The Westword.com blog shortcut, June 10 edition

You think you're so smart....

Today in Backbeat Online:Q&A with Built to Spill's Doug Martsch. • Mini Q&A with the Fluid's John Robinson. • A first look at FOE and Karma's "Tic-Toc" video. • Atmosphere, Bat for Lashes, Brad Paisley shows announced. • MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: Astrophagus -- and MP3s of many other Showcase bands are available at the main link above, too.

Today in Cafe Society:Top Denver chefs play with fire for charity tonight at Elway's Cherry Creek. • Simms Landing is morphing into Simms Steakhouse -- but don't ask any questions. • Better late than never for Chinook Tavern. • Fancy dancin' at Katie Mullen's. • Happy 75th, Bonnie Brae Tavern. • Maggiano's wants to buy you tomorrow's dinner.

Today in The Latest Word:John Hickenlooper's savvy response to the Dump Ritter movement. • For Chrissakes, someone give Steve Perfors a job!Introducing Not-So-New Urbanism. • Barron Christian has a small role in Eddie Murphy's Imagine That and a lifetime of out-of-this-world stories. • Elway is dead -- the legendary drug-sniffing dog named Elway, that is. In his case, though, he licked balls more often than he threw them.


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