The blog shortcut, June 30 edition

See you next month.

Today in Backbeat Online:Rabbit is a Sphere giving away entire discography. • Michael Jackson's single, bedazzled glove: What's up with that?MP3 Freeloader: The Nautical Mile Sunday, July 5 at hi-dive. • CacheFlowe's "Computer World" video. • Download a track from Breathe Carolina's new album.

Today in Cafe Society:A real mob scene at Gaetano's. • S'more of a good thing at Forest Room 5. • Adios, Mr. Coco's. • Bye-bye, Brandon's... for now. • California fast food more In than Out in Colorado.

Today in The Latest Word:Ward Churchill, HBO and an effective speech to the choir. • J.R. Smith could get jail time over 2007 New Jersey crash. • Ken Hamblin remembers Alan Berg 25 years later. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Where's the beef? At the Green Fooder's house. • Suspicions confirmed: Brandon Marshall on record as hating Denver. Right back at ya, pal.


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