Yes, this is a man in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Yes, this is a man in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Photo by Soren McCarty

The blog shortcut, June 5 edition

Everyone looks better in a fedora....

Today in Backbeat Online:Last night: Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks. • Westword exclusive: The Fray's not-so-secret dress rehearsals -- in pictures. • Ministry's Al Jourgensen offers free EP. • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Fell at Bender's Tavern. • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Hawks of Paradise at the Oriental. • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Super Seed at the Gothic Theatre. • The 38th annual CHUN Capitol Hill People's Fair is this weekend. Here's the lineup.

Today in Cafe Society:It's a big weekend for local food and wine events. • Join the party animals at the Infinite Monkey Theorem. • Crack a Big Green Egg at Ace Hardware Alameda Station. • Great Divide celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. • The Squeaky Bean adds a non-squeaky Greek rotisserie.

Today in The Latest Word:New Avs coach Joe Sacco's starpower deficit. • Denver Film Society story presents challenges for Denver PostMegan Riley sees dead people, and they want to chat with you at Stella's. • Mary Louise Starkey speaks out about accusers. • Shmuck of the Week: Marilyn Musgrave. And she may have her eye on Shmuck of the Decade.


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