The Worst News to Come Out of the Denver Post in Recent Months

The last few months have been especially trying for the Denver Post. Its soul-sucking hedge-fund owner is gutting the paper for all it's worth, and we're frequently getting news of reporters jumping ship or being forced to walk the plank. That's bad news for the Post, but it's especially bad news for the people of Denver. Here's our coverage of the Post's recent trying times. 

1. Can the Denver Post Survive Its Hedge-Fund Owners?

2. Troy Renck on Why So Many Broncos Writers Have Left the Denver Post

3. Joey Bunch on Leaving Denver Post, Hedge Fund Treating Paper Like ATM

4. The Denver Post Layoffs Have Begun After Buyouts Fell Short

5. Joanne Ostrow Among Denver Post Buyout Takers, Shrinkage Goal Not Met

6. Update: Woody Paige Is Officially Leaving the Denver Post

7. The Latest Way the Denver Post Is Alienating the Subscribers It Has Left
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