The YMCA's In and Out List

The New Depression thriftiness is forcing ad execs to get creative. Car commercials brag about how much money their tiny hatchbacks will save on gas. Banks insist they're the only trusted sources of financial wisdom left. Weird late-night TV ads urge you to stick your gold jewelry in a plastic bag, mail it to some unseen pawn company, and wait for a stack of cash in return.

Now the YMCA of Metro Denver is getting into the act. Their latest mailer to potential gym members features a particularly pathetic In and Out list.

Out: Accessorizing (see picture of lipstick and silver purse)
In: Exercising.
Out: Living the High Life! (picture of dimly lit restaurant).
In: Living the Y Life!

Finally, my personal favorite:

Out: Sparkley Sweat Suit (yes, they wrote sparkley). In: Sweating @ the YMCA.

Wow. Now we can't even afford make-up, handbags or spell-check? I had no idea things had gotten so bad. Please join the Y soon, people. They are desperate.--Lisa Rab

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