"No photos, please."
"No photos, please."
Courtesy of MaxDenver.

Tim Tebow fourth on the Broncos' QB depth chart -- for now

Denver blogs specialize in mile-high items. Climb up and take a look at these.

At MaxDenver.com, Andrew Mason notes the quarterback pecking order at the Broncos' ongoing passing camp: "First: Kyle Orton, sixth season. Second: Brady Quinn, fourth season. Third: Tom Brandstater, second season. And finally Tim Tebow." Want to guess how long things stay that way?

5280's Jennie Dorrie offers three easy ways to conserve water and save money at home. And none of them involve a toilet.

Mile High Mama's Lori reveals that even a bait and switch can have a silver lining. But silver lining can be expensive...


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