Tim Tebow-Peyton Manning billboard and poll: The Chosen One the choice?

Remember that billboard last season urging Broncos coach John Fox to play Tebow? Well, it's been updated. This time, the sign asks folks to vote for who they'd rather see at quarterback: Tebow or Peyton Manning. And at this writing, Tebow is winning.

The billboard directs folks to OneSwoosh.com, hyped as "A Simple Way to Search...With Only One Swoosh!" But its physical location is outside Multiline International Imports, at 5786 Logan Court. Multiline employee Mohammad Suleiman says debate about which QB should wear orange next season inspired the new electro-placard.

"We've had customers come in and say they're pro-Manning," Suleiman notes. "So we thought it would be interesting to see what Denver has to say about it."

The complete results won't be released until Monday, March 12 -- but as of moments ago, Suleiman says "we've probably had 60 percent pro-Tebow and 40 percent pro-Manning." And that's fine by him. In his words, "We're definitely pro-Tebow. We cast our votes for him."

Of course, there's no guarantee that Manning would ink with the Broncos -- although the Denver Post has just cited two sources who say Peyton will be in Denver tonight to meet with John Elway.

"I think it's all talk for now," Suleiman maintains. "But you can't rule out anything in the NFL."

What do other locals think? Fox31 has been asking Facebook users to weigh in, and thus far, the Tebow lovers predominate. However, there are plenty of Manning fans, too, and some that fall somewhere in the middle.

Consider this note: "Peyton Manning wants to play for a contending team sorry Broncos fans. By the way Tebow blows rod!"

That's splitting it right down the middle. And now, for more signs of the times, check out our top ten pro-Tebow, anti-Kyle Orton billboards, as created last year by Westword art director Jay Vollmar.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.