Tim Tebow-Skip Bayless love match preview: Is John Elway disrespecting The Chosen One?

ESPN's Skip Bayless loves Tim Tebow so much that many viewers are ready to stage an intervention -- and that won't change after they see Bayless's Super Bowl week chat with The Chosen One. The full interview won't air until later this morning. But in the following preview, Bayless does everything short of bursting into tears to get Tebow to say he feels disrespected by not being guaranteed the starting QB gig. Yet Timmy won't play.

"Explain to me why John Fox and John Elway still won't treat you with the respect I believe you have earned," Bayless says, sounding like a cross between a stalker and Dr. Drew. "We have heard the reports going into the Pittsburgh game...that you were one series away from Brady Quinn. And even now, John Elway will say only that you're his starter until camp opens, which you heard a year ago -- and you know what happened when camp opened...."

Talk about an invitation to speak too freely. Tebow, though, keeps himself in check, answering in safe platitudes like "Competition's always a good thing" and "You try to earn that respect every day."

Sorry, Skippy. See the preview below.

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