Today's Night & Day featured event: Get more Bhangra for your buck at Passport to Bollywood

Indian dancer Renu Kansal of the Bollywood West dance studio teamed up with her promoter friend Norvan Massey and DJ Ashish B. a few years ago to host the occasional Passport to Bollywood International Dance Party partly because she wanted to provide a social setting for her students to hear Indian pop music and practice their newly learned Bollywood moves -- but also because Denver simply lacked anything like it. And lucky for club-night adventure seekers like you, who might just be looking for something different, the event, which recurs every other month or so at Zen Ultra Lounge, is anything but private.

It all starts with the music, Kansal notes -- and Ashish B., who mashes up Bollywood and Bhangra beats regularly for the Beats from the East show on Radio 1190, delivers that in a big way. "He also has an outstanding following in Dubai, but we're just lucky he lives here," Kansal says. "He's the best India DJ I think I've ever worked with." Strong words from a New York City transplant. And it's definitely a concept that's still growing and changing: Kansal hopes to start adding Bhangra dance lessons to the evening's mix at future events.

Kansal suggests wearing ethnic-inspired beaded tops, jeans and cute shoes for women (and whatever for the guys) if you attend tonight's event, which begins at 9 p.m. at Zen, 940 Lincoln Street. For more information shimmy your way over to the Passport to Bollywood website or call 720-276-4255.

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