Toe-sucking Dick Morris to headline Scott Tipton event, Democrats hot and bothered

Dick Morris, the former Bill Clinton hire-turned-Hillary Clinton loather, is the featured attraction at an August 17 fundraiser for Scott Tipton, who's running for Congress against incumbent John Salazar. But while Salazar has lately gotten some recent bad press over accusations of his involvement in a land swap that allegedly aided a big donor, the Colorado Democratic Party prefers to keep the focus on Morris. And call girls.

Morris, now a Fox News commentator, resigned from the Clinton administration after a tabloid revealed that he'd had a relationship with a special friend for hire -- although the report the CDP cites in its e-mail about the Tipton fundraiser is from the New York Times, not Star magazine, which was responsible for the aforementioned article.

No mention of Morris's alleged taste for "toe sucking." If only the Dems had known that the Washington Post used that very phrase a few years later.

In addition, the CDP links to an ABC News piece about unpaid taxes that linked Morris and O.J. Simpson, and a Media Matters item from April stating that Morris admitted fabricating claims about President Clinton, former Attorney General Janet Reno and the '90s-era tragedy in Waco, Texas involving the Branch Davidians religious cult.

Here's the rest of the CDP release about tomorrow's Tipton-Morris event in Grand Junction:

Tipton Kicks Off Campaign by Bringing Disgraced

Washington D.C. Insider to Colorado

DENVER -- Scott Tipton, the Republican candidate for Congressional District 3 has announced that he is planning to host a fundraiser featuring disgraced former White House aide Dick Morris in Grand Junction on August 17.

Morris was forced to leave the White House in 1996 following a scandal involving a call girl. Since then, Morris has been condemned for tax evasion and for telling lies about other politicians in the media. The nonprofit media watchdog Media Matters says of Morris, "He often engages in ethically dubious behavior."

Tipton has not publicly explained why he feels it's appropriate to take funds from someone who had a $1.5 million tax lien filed against him for failure to pay his taxes. Nor has Tipton explained why he's chosen to align himself with a Washington insider who is known for telling high-profile lies to smear the character of others.

In light of the announcement that Tipton has embraced Morris to raise funds for his second attempt at running for Congress, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak released the following statement:

"If Scott thinks Dick Morris' endorsement is a great coup he must be forgetting his history. Morris has proven himself morally questionable time and time again. As the first major fundraiser of his general election campaign, what kind of tone and precedent does this set for Scott personally? Scott should be condemning the actions of Dick Morris, not bowing down and taking his money. Does Scott think this is okay? It's not. It's embarrassing and disgraceful. Colorado deserves better than this."

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