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Tom Fallis Accused of Killing Wife Ashley After Pot Argument, Faking Her "Suicide"

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Ashley Fallis's family never bought the story that she killed herself following a New Year's Eve celebration three years ago -- and their persistence has finally paid off. Her husband, former police officer Tom Fallis, has been arrested and charged with murdering her and then making it look like a suicide following an argument about marijuana smoking. Photos, an original document and more below.

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The Ashley Fallis Memorial Foundation Facebook page has been the online home for information about the Fallis family's efforts. Included on it are numerous gorgeous photos of young mom Ashley and her three kids. Here's one example....

...and another.... ...and another: In the beginning, authorities determined that Ashley had killed herself early on January 1, 2012. But the case began to show cracks earlier this year, with the big break coming courtesy of Fox31, which raised questions about an Evans police detective suspected of altering evidence in the case.

Specifically, a neighbor said Tom told him he'd killed Ashley -- and while the neighbor passed that information along to the detective, the statement didn't appear in arrest reports.

Moreover, the detective is said to have known Tom, a former policeman.

Prosecutors ultimately decided they didn't have enough evidence to charge the detective with covering up a crime. However, the investigation into Ashley's death was reopened, with pressure from Ashley's family, exemplified by the following protest image, undoubtedly playing a part. Months of investigation later, an indictment has been handed down in Tom's name, complete with an account of what prosecutors now believe took place on the fateful night.

The indictment, also shared here, states that Tom and Ashley hosted a New Year's party attended by fifteen to twenty people, including Ashley's parents, plus an aunt and uncle. Then, around 12:30 a.m., Ashley reportedly said she was going to go outside to "have a smoke"

At that point, Tom allegedly "became irate at the belief that she was going to smoke marijuana."

A heated argument followed, and the assorted party attendees left. Then, the indictment maintains, while with Ashley in their bedroom, Tom "obtained a Taurus 9mm handgun, and during the struggle, held the gun to the right side of Ashley's head and pulled the trigger."

Then, "while still in contact with Ashley," the document continues, "he lowered Ashley to the floor, began holding her head, and called 911 to report that Ashley shot herself in the head."

Yesterday, Tom was arrested in Bloomington, Indiana, where he'd moved with the couple's kids, prompting this celebratory post on the Ashley Fallis Memorial Foundation Facebook page:

As for the children, a follow-up comment on the page reads: "Tom filed a motion to get their rights taken away about a month ago but hopefully judges see through that and the kids will be safe and sound where they belong."

Look below to see Tom's booking photo, followed by the indictment.

Tom Fallis Indictment

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