Top 10 White Elephant Christmas gifts of 2011

Last December, our friends at Arc Thrift Stores of Colorado shared their choices for the top White Elephant Christmas gifts of 2010 -- and they've wisely continued the tradition this year.

Page down to check out their must-have countdown picks for the season, featuring Arc's photos and captions.

10. President Note Card Holders: Now you can have a say in what comes out of the mouths of politicians 9. Christmas Records: All your not-so-favorite Christmas carols. 8. Butterfly Clock: Perfect for the darkest, hidden corner in your basement. Behind that box you've never opened. Underneath all those old blankets. 7. Squirrel Purse: For when you're feeling a bit squirrely 6. Lip Radio: Lip service is a lot more exciting coming from this. Page down to see the top five. 5. Hawaiian Hula Boy: This is a much more welcome driving distraction than texting 4. Shark Lamp: Neil Diamond wants you to "Turn On Your Shark Light." 3. Pet Rock: Everyone wants a faithful friend that will never pee on the floor. 2. Fabric Cactus: No green thumb required 1. Crocheted Stocking: Here's a little Christmas cheer your Grandma would be proud of.

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