Top Price for a Broncos-Patriots Ticket (So Far): $69,696.90

Earlier today, our Brian Badzmierowski offered ten reasons why Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will kick the Denver Broncos' ass in this Sunday's AFC championship game.

But there appears to be considerably more optimism among ticket sellers — unless their positivity is based on their belief that Patriots fans will pony up big bucks to watch Brady defeat Broncos QB Peyton Manning one more time.

At this writing, the most expensive tickets for the game available on StubHub are going for a mere $69,696.90.

Here's a screen capture from the site, showing the section where the twelve tickets available at this price are located.

Note that $70K won't get you all twelve of the tickets. The listing specifies that they're $69,696.90 each — more than ten times the tag on the priciest tickets we found for the Broncos-Packers game this past October. Those went for only $6,662 — and as a bonus, Denver won that game!

By the way, we did the math, and the cost for all twelve of the aforementioned tickets for Sunday will cost you just $836,362.80.

And there doesn't appear to be a volume discount.

The next most expensive tickets? There are fourteen going for $42,040 — but they're a lot farther from the field of play than are those $69K ones.

Looking for a comparative bargain? Right now, the cheapest StubHub tickets on sale for the title tilt are a pair going for $233 each.

Or you could watch at home for nothing — and pay a lot less for snacks. But that's your call.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.