Simon Pegg's advice for Falcon: Escape! Escape!
Simon Pegg's advice for Falcon: Escape! Escape!

Top ten celebrity tweets about Balloon Boy

The Twitterspere absolutely exploded yesterday with commentary about accidental-whistle-blowing, Today-show-vomiting Balloon Boy Falcon Heene, with celebrities among the countless thousands exercising their fingers on the topic both before and after the lad tottered out of the attic and onto the nation's pop-culture pantheon. Of course, the after-tweets are funniest, as you'll see from our top ten list below. Hear from John Mayer, Diablo Cody, Josh Groban, Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton, actress Holly Robinson Peete, comedian Neil Hamburger, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Good Charlotte member/Nicole Ritchie squeeze Joel Madden and Shaun of the Dead auteur Simon Pegg, who's got a tip for young Falcon: Fly away! As fast as you can!

10. Ryan Seacrest,

Balloon down on ground! doesn't look like there's a litttle boy inside...confusing

9. Perez Hilton,

Got the video!!! #BalloonBoy admits he "did this for the show" Awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Joel Madden,

thanks god the little dude is ok. I would have been hiding too if i let nicoles big hot air weather balloon go too

7. Josh Groban,

Oh you people are sick. No the balloon boy was not listening to "You Raise Me Up" on his Ipod. Gahahaha

6. Holly Robinson Peete,

only got a handful of spankings as young girl bt I remember alla them vividly---that balloon boy family aint the whoopin type obviously

5. Mark Hoppus,

i feel bad for that kid. what's he goina get teased about more? the balloon thing or the fact that his dad was on a show called "wife swap?"

4. Diablo Cody,

When balloons and "hiding" intersect in my life, there's usually pills involved. #Rectum

3. John Mayer,

This unfortunate media display involving balloon boy undermines the hundreds of boys and girls actually lost to balloon flight every year.

2. Neil Hamburger,

Can you die from having a gigantic Mylar balloon, and your 6-year old son, shoved up your ass?

1. Simon Pegg,

After seeing footage of Richard Heene on Wife Swap. I advise Falcon build another balloon and get the fuck outta there.

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