Top Ten Colorado Consumer Complaints of 2014

We're currently in the midst  of National Consumer Protection Week, described as "a coordinated campaign that encourages consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions."

To mark the occasion, the consumer protection section of the Colorado Attorney General's Office has released its annual list of the top ten consumer complaints fielded by the office.

The total came to 9,568 complaints and inquiries — about a 10 percent increase over 2013.

And what companies, services and the like got Coloradans the most frustrated last year? Here's the AG office's photo-illustrated top ten, featuring the number of complaints in each category. Count it down below.

Number 10. Telephone (cell phones and equipment) 
Complaints: 103

Number 9. Internet Shopping Services
Complaints: 107

Number 8. Real Estate Services
Complaints: 126

Number 7. Automobile Dealers, New and Used
Complaints: 148

Number 6. Payday Lenders
Complaints: 154

Number 5. Fraudulent or Unwanted Telephone Calls
Complaints: 295

Number 4. Utility Complaints (cable, telecom and satellite)
Complaints: 431

Number 3. Fraudulent or Unwanted/Spam E-mail
Complaints: 713

Number 2. Mortgage Lenders
Complaints: 556

Number 1. Debt Collection Companies
Complaints: 1371

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.