Top Ten Texts From Last Night Out of the 720, 2015 Edition

A few months ago, we shared a new batch of favorite Texts From Last Night from the 303 area code.

Now, it's time for the 720 — and when it comes to weirdness, they definitely don't disappoint.

Below, see our ten photo-illustrated favorites from recent 720 posts.

The senders may regret sending them, but we sure don't. Count them down below.

Number 10: The naked truth

Number 9: Maybe a drink would have helped

Number 8: You don't know where that's been

Number 7: Fully equipped

Number 6: Rubbed the right way
Number 5: A son who could make any mother proud

Number 4: Love and multiplication

Number 3: Playing house or House of Cards?

Number 2: Too close a shave

Number 1: When domination comes in handy

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