Top ten worst Denver graffiti crew names

In this week’s Off Limits we note our excitement at discovering that the Metro Area Graffiti Task Force has posted a comprehensive list of every known gang and graffiti crew in the region. Now graffiti laymen can discover just what the scrawled tags across the city actually mean.

According to Task Force director, Englewood police officer Jason Pearson, every law enforcement agency in the area helped create the list, so it ranges from tiny neighborhood outfits – who the hell ever heard of the God Sent Krew? – to large, well-respected outfits like DF and SWS. Although some of the intelligence may be out of date or wrong (members of the home-grown RTD crew may be surprised to learn they’re actually "L.A. based"), this is the closest thing anyone has to a real-life register of Denver’s graffiti scene -- outside of just about every alley in central Denver.

Curious about the ten worst crew names? Click below for our picks. -- Jared Jacang Maher

10) HCSK: High Class Serial Killers

9) KH: Kinky Hoes

8) PBK: Pretty Boy Krew

7) PDK: Panty Droppers Krew

6) HBK: Hit a Bitch Krew

5) SLUTS: Stop Livin’ Up To Society

4) EWJ: Englewood’s Wickedest Juggalos

3) OMK: Open Minded Kings

2) OHF: One Happy Family

1) BCR: Boulder County Raised

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Jared Jacang Maher

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