Top Tweets About Who to Blame for Broncos' Frustrating Falcons Loss

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is among the many members of the Broncos organization taking heat over the squad's 34-27 loss to the Falcons.
Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is among the many members of the Broncos organization taking heat over the squad's 34-27 loss to the Falcons. Denver Broncos via YouTube
Last week, Broncos Country debated on Twitter whether Denver was getting better or if the Los Angeles Chargers gagged away the squads' November 1 matchup, which ended with the Mile High crew on top, 31-30. A similar conversation is happening now, but with an unhappy twist: Fans are trying to figure out who to blame after another Broncos comeback effort fell short against an even more notorious set of choke artists, the Atlanta Falcons.

After the 34-27 loss on November 8, there was no shortage of candidates — among them quarterback Drew Lock, head coach Vic Fangio, team executive John Elway and a less prominent whipping boy, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.

Some online jokesters also pointed fingers at COVID-19, and that's understandable. As of November 4, the Broncos became an official novel coronavirus outbreak, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, with at least seven positive cases — and that may not include Elway and fellow exec Joe Ellis, whose diagnoses were announced last week. As a result, a slew of coaches and players (notably defensive stalwart Shelby Harris) didn't participate against the Falcons.

Of course, nearly every NFL franchise is reeling from COVID-19 right now, and because the NFL has seemingly decided that it's not going to postpone or cancel games for anything less than a plague of biblical proportions, they're having to take part in the equivalent of pandemic scramble drills, too. So this excuse is a non-starter, particularly given that the Broncos have made a habit of sleepwalking through the first half of games, as happened again on Sunday.

Indeed, Atlanta was on top 27-6 until the early moments of the fourth quarter, when receiver Jerry Jeudy, who seems to be rounding into form, snagged a touchdown pass from Lock. And while the Broncos found the end zone twice more before the final whistle, they gave up another score to the Falcons and didn't leave themselves enough time to notch the equalizer.

Afterward, Shurmur was put on blast for Denver's offensive ineptitude during the first three quarters, as were Lock, Fangio, Elway and pretty much anyone else who works regularly on that side of the ball. And the fact that Twitter users couldn't settle on a single villain suggests that the problem is even more complex than anyone cares to acknowledge.

Here are our picks for the most memorable post-game tweets.

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