Top Tweets F-Bombing Raiders' Jon Gruden After Shocking Broncos Win

Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden made plenty of Chucky faces during his team's loss to the Broncos on September 16.
Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden made plenty of Chucky faces during his team's loss to the Broncos on September 16. YouTube
Supporters of the Oakland Raiders and fans of the Denver Broncos don't typically agree on much. But after the Broncos' last-second 20-19 victory over the Raiders on Sunday, September 16, plenty of tweeting loyalists for both teams composed sentences that included the name of Oakland coach Jon Gruden and a certain F-word, albeit for very different reasons.

Raiders fans who were initially excited that Gruden had been lured from the broadcast booth by a ten-year, $100 million contract have been considerably less enamored of the human with the Chucky face since he traded away the squad's best player, Khalil Mack, amid a contract dispute. Still, all would have been forgiven if the Raiders had gotten off to a good start this season. But, no: The Black and Silver got blown out by the L.A. Rams in week one. And yesterday, while Oakland led Denver for all but six seconds, that snippet of time was the one that counted, thanks to the Broncos' Brandon McManus, who booted a field goal to clinch an improbable come-from-behind win.

This kick saved Case Keenum from lots of battering this week. The newly acquired quarterback piloted the Broncos to a 27-24 win over the Seattle Seahawks during his debut in orange, and while some observers were concerned about the three interceptions he notched en route to triumph, other pundits suggested that such errors could simply be "cleaned up," as if they were accidental spills in the kitchen.

Not so fast. The Broncos went three-and-out during their first three possessions on Sunday, and during the fourth, Keenum spoiled a huge run by super-rookie (and CU Boulder alum) Phillip Lindsay by throwing an insta-pick of the torturous variety. As a result, Denver laid a goose egg during the first half, heading into the locker room with a 12-0 deficit.

To Keenum's credit, he once again proved to have bad-performance amnesia, leading the Broncos to twenty second-half points.

The results weren't pretty, and his accuracy remains erratic. You can bet the better teams on Denver's schedule (read: the Kansas City Chiefs, whose new QB, Patrick Mahomes, looks fabulous) are licking their chops. But for now, the Broncos are 2-0 (as they were last season, before the wheels came off), and Mile High tweeters celebrated by dropping F-bombs on Gruden. So, too, did Raiders lovers, many of whom blame the coach for the embarrassing beginning to his latest tenure on an NFL sideline.

Jon Gruden: Bringing people together. See what we mean by counting down our picks for the twenty most memorable (and most profane) tweets below.

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