TSA Blames Passengers for Long Security Lines at DIA and Beyond

Of late, there have been reports aplenty about seemingly endless security lines at airports throughout the country, including here in Denver.

And even more people have been venting their spleens on social media.

We're guessing such folks won't be placated by comments just made by a spokesman for the Transportation Safety Administration.

As quoted by CBS4, TSA Regional spokesperson Mark Howell said, "“We are not here today to blame passengers, but it is one contributing factor to long lines at the airports."

Maybe so — but that doesn't explain why the lines at DIA have gotten noticeably worse over recent months, with predictions for even longer waits over the summer.

Should that come to pass, expect tons of horror-story DIA tweets like the ones below. They're followed by a CBS4 report and, just for fun, a hilarious Facebook video posted last night that shows the creative way two people passed the time during a two-hour delay in Denver.

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