Twelve Colorado Emoji Everyone From Denver Needs

Things change quickly in Denver. Anyone who’s lived here for more than a few weeks has already figured that out — probably while they were throwing an umbrella, some sunscreen, a sweatshirt and a swimsuit into their backpack for the weekend. And longtime residents and natives, well, they can barely figure out what state they’re in when they wake up in the morning.

But the weather isn’t the only thing that’s constantly revolving — and evolving. Construction zones, pot laws, public art, local sports heroes, rent and housing costs — even the draft lineup at your favorite craft brewery — all involve a constant learning curve.

Since Coloradans like to stay busy, there’s not always time to fully hash out the details of the latest change. But we also like to stay connected. One of the best ways to do that is with the expressive emoji on our phones or computers, the ones that help us express a thought without spelling it out.

There are plenty of general ones: a smiley face, a wine glass, a pile of poop, a musical note, an eggplant. These can take us far, but in Denver, we need to go farther. We need a custom set of symbols evocative of certain things in the Mile High City that everyone can recognize and relate to. How bad are the Rockies this year? Are you stuck in traffic on I-70? How many hours to go until 4:20? And what did you say that bungalow in Wash Park costs? To help locals communicate, we’ve come up with our own set of emoji. We think you’ll know what we mean as soon as you see them.

Native: Colorado natives are a rare bunch. And a proud bunch. And when they point that out, you can counter with this.

4:20: The day’s almost over, and it’s been a long one. Grab your vape, and let’s go for a little walk in the alley.

Demon Horse: Did something freak you out? Are you wondering what the hell just happened? The Demon Horse emoji helps you express that thought.

I-70/I-25: Stuck in mountain traffic? Caught up in another rush-hour construction cluster? Say it this way (but don’t text while driving).

Peyton: We all have our heroes, no matter how weird their foreheads might be.

Rockies: They will continue to stink for the foreseeable future. But at least Coors Field is cool.

State Flag: Say it loud, say it proud. We love Colorado for its goods and bads.

Rent: This is why you’re still living in your cousin/ex-bandmate/college buddy’s basement.

The Boot: Maybe you should have paid those parking tickets. Don’t be embarrassed. At least you still have a bike.

John Denver: John Denver loved Colorado, and he wasn’t afraid to say it in the corniest ways. Now you can, too.

Weather: Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes. Although you might have to do it in a flood/tornado shelter.

Beer Geek: Some of our best friends are beer geeks. Maybe you know one, too? Here’s another way to point them out.
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