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Twitter Tuesday: Matt Bernier, our featured Twit

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Our featured Twit this week is Matt Bernier (@mbernier on Twitter), a local web developer and blogger. Matt came to our attention when he was recommended as someone to watch by a fellow Twit (always a good sign on a medium used first and foremost for self promotion). When we realized he also does his own featured Twit of the week on one his blogs, we realized it was just too meta to not feature him.

Look below for Bernier's answers to our questions about his Twitter habits and history and why you should follow him, exactly as he tweeted them to us.

@DenverWestword: Justify your following. Why should people follow you on Twitter?

@mbernier: I think people follow me because I prefer to be straightforward and real, I don't beat around the bushes. I try to be involved in the...

@mbernier: Denver twitter scene as much as possible, including going to tweetups hanging out with twitter friends IRL. Even hosting a fundraiser which

@mbernier: was organized through Twitter.

@DenverWestword: What brought you to Twitter?

@mbernier: A good friend of mine was using Twitter, kept talking about it, so I joined up. I didn't realize the potential of it until a year later...

@mbernier: when i moved to Denver and got involved in the local Twitter community here.

@DenverWestword: What do you tweet about usually?

@mbernier: I tweet about things going on in my life, tech that I find interesting, projects i am working on currently, articles I write on one of my...

@mbernier: 3 blog sites. I also tweet in conversation with tons of great friends that I have made on Twitter so far. I enjoy helping people, so...

@mbernier: frequently I will throw out a tweet to someone looking for an answer/help with tech stuff. I also ask questions when I am looking for help.

@DenverWestword: Speaking of, tell us about YOUR featured Twit site...

@mbernier: Once a week I will interview a Twitter user who has been suggested to me by one of the previous weeks users. I have a list of questions...

@mbernier: that I ask every week, including a new question that is added by the last interviewee. I also look for the featured user's friends...

@mbernier: to tell me more about them. The final product comes together with a paragraph about the user from my perspective. What has been great...

@mbernier: so far is that I have only known 1 of the users prior to writing about them, so I am making new friends as I go!

@mbernier: The site is http://TwitterUserOfTheWeek.com

@DenverWestword: What keeps you busy offline (aka in real life)?

@mbernier: I have my real job which is as the Lead Developer at a local startup call CloudSync, where we do web-based Mobile Device Management...

@mbernier: Outside of my real job, I am a contract developer, sometimes blogger, and Social Media application developer. My current projects include

@mbernier: Twindicate.com, ProbableFollow.com, TwitterUserOfTheWeek.com, OddEmail.com, as well as my personal/business blogs mkbernier.com and

@mbernier: reinforcemedia.com. I am barely ever without things to work on. When I need some sanity, reality, and a big hug I...

@mbernier: go to my amazing wife @MelissaBernier.

@DenverWestword: Open tweeting: A chance to say something funny, clever or just to convince doubters to follow you: GO!

@mbernier: My goal in life and the reason I work so hard is to be a good husband to my wife and good to my friends, I am trying to prove that everyday.

Got favorite Twit we should feature? Maybe that's you? Follow us at @DenverWestword, tweet to us why they/you should be followed and we'll be in touch.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.